Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well some accomplishments are Grand and well... some mini

These pictures are from http://www.miniaturechairs.com/MiniatureChairs/chairsdetail.asp?ProductID=2123 and I want everything there! Especially this one!

When I began my career I was the first events coordinator at L.A. County Museum of Art. I was one of the first women to work while pregnant. I had to buy bias cut black nightgowns and wear a Holly Sharp kimono jacket over it to black tie events (with running shoes) There weren't the products back then that are available now. This was when Rusty Powell was Director. He is now Director of the National Gallery of Art and that daughter, I had, met him there last year at an event.

Well, I used to sit on the  Museum cafeteria terrace in Eames Wire Bikini chairs and scheme and dream a lot!

After raising my 2 daughters and Tons of other events and fundraising, I was thinking about those chairs the other day. I LOVE the Vitra miniature chairs. The wire Panton cone chair is only $399.00. But there is that scale issue. Really, I'd snap up 6 of the Bertoia Diamond chairs at $288.00 apiece if the scale was 1:12 (ok not really). Hey it's on sale from $288.00 to $280.00, by the way!

MH1 house Terrace
And every once in a while they are on Ebay... but people still want to recoup most of their outlay, so that doesn't work for me either...  I mean I scour markets and stores for wire strainers I could work with. You know how we get...And then I found a can of silver spray paint in my pantry... Remember my yellow plastic repurposed chairs? Well it works for me and I'm still just sitting here scheming and dreaming. (Hey do you think that Vitra guy could use a Margarita?) C


  1. The chairs are fab-u-lous! Bit pricey though and they are the wrong scale for me! But it costs nothing to look....
    Thanks for sharing,I think!

  2. Awesome job - who would have thought fly swats + old can of silver paint could = masterpiece!!

    Enjoyed reading your story of your time at the museum by the way, and your resourceful pregnant mum wardrobe solutions :)

  3. Thank you Janice.You realize my chairs are melted flyswatters sprayed silver with the handle cut off? I wonder who actually buys those other chairs as none of MY buddies seem to have them. C

  4. Thanks Norma, Are you in session or out of school? C

  5. I'm 'officially' on holidays now until mid July (handed in my last assignment yesterday much to my great relief). Lots of mini time coming up! Yipee!!

  6. Silver paint - what a brilliant idea! They look fantastic.

  7. LACMA is my old stomping ground. I went to CSUN and would go the the museum to hang out. (1977-80 ish). Love your chairs and your blog!

  8. Did you ever see the "cult" movie The Player with Lyle Lovett and others? They have a Museum Party scene set outside between the pillars. I was involved with the first time that was ever done. I practically fell off my chair in the theater when I saw that as social comment on LA! It's a great Museum, C

  9. Oh Carol, I love hearing about your museum days. Grand accomplishments indeed. Your makeshift maternity clothes must have been a riot, I can picture you pulling it off flawlessly.
    I did like the yellow, but the chairs look even more fab in silver.

  10. Wow, so you was a pioneer for the womens cause, how fabulous! Strange to think about now, since this has changed so quickly, nowadays it's common to work while pregnant (at least here, one of the girls at the office have got four children while working). Loved to read about your time at the museum, it must have been fun times! And the chairs are really elegant with that silver look! I visited the Vitra museum some years ago, it was like coming to chair heaven!

  11. Thank you all, I think it is perfect equitte to say "you are all dolls!"

    Eek Pubdoll...perhaps when you walk into hell (not saying I'm gonna see YOU there...) perhaps it is an incredible house of all the best design furniture every made,
    but a .1:1 scale! (Oese, does that make my point? correctly) At least that would be my idea of hell... ( just kidding, God). :)C

  12. Hi There !
    PLS PLS PLS teach us how to make those chairs!!!
    Love them