Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New lights for the dollhouse

           Jacobsen's halo light for my MH1!
                                                     OK April Fool's!

 (I wish! Doris? Peter? Paris?) Just wanted to get this out there early as I am in one of the last time zones. Happy Early April Fools Day, tomorrow, or the next day, or whenever you read this!   ;)  C

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The (not so) elusive vinyl Mansion, see sidebar

Petite Princess and the urban myth.

 Because this dollhouse furniture was made for only one year the dollhouse that goes with is is hard to find. Have you seen it? Do you have one?

This vinyl version was better able to survive. This is from 1966 and 1967 sold through Sears. I think people who look at it think it is junk because the vinyl is just becoming antique now.


I love to play with pieces but I also get a kick out of having the miniatures in their real home.
I saw several vinyl houses on ebay so I decided to research them.

I used the Sear's Christmas Wish Books listed on a helpful website:  to search for the advertising of this dollhouse.

In the 1964 Wish book I found

I know just how that girl feels! Love the "pixie band".

the listings of the three cardboard roomboxes offered at the time. The living room, dining room and bedroom. So rococco!

                         Here is the 1966 Sears Christmas Book

From later books I found these vinyl houses,

check out the picture on the bottom of the page below of the Colonial Mansion.

 This one from 1969 showed a later version with the furniture, which was Petite Patti by then and made by Redbox in Hong Kong.

And check out this last black and white ad for a vinyl house from 1969, Cape Cod mod. $4.99.

 The hunt continues...

                       do you relate to vinyl dollhouses? Yet?  


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Keeping it light

Well my friend Lemoncadet infected me with her beautiful photography on Flickr. Go here to see more. 

                                     How sleek is this?

          How mod is this? I love how she contrasts color and shape.

These pictures feature the miniature furniture of the Petite Princess Fantasy Furniture Line that was made for only one year in 1964 by the Ideal Co. It was high end, had 30 pieces and was made in Japan. Later under the name Princess Patti it was carried at Sears and produced in Hong Kong.  It is 3/4 " scale and represents the best of 1960's design. Lemoncadet also shows a good selection of the original miniatures contrasted with the later knock offs which are pretty darn close. The serious Buddah is the original, the laughing one was made later.

There are 8 of us in the Petite Princess by Ideal flickr group. There is even a fan page on Face book for Petite Princes Furniture and many references through Google.

The furniture is what they call "Hollywood Regency" to me. It has an emphasis on antiquing and rich fabrics. Tony  Duquette ( )  perhaps?
Or like a bad LSD trip in a 60's furniture store... Your choice.

When I put mid-century into a search of furniture on ebay recently, I noticed Hollywood regency kept cropping up. Uh oh, I have blogged about how I grew up in Southern California in the '60's and am haunted by images of my Mom's swag lamps.

From ebay

I even found this one there a while ago that was the look in her bedroom, the gold one was in the livingroom... So Hollywood Regency was sort of the worst of the worst. Think Liz Taylor in a caftan entertaining Mia Farrow when she was married to Frank Sinatra. A time of excess. The Petite Princess furniture embodies that time to me with their lush fabrics and exaggerated forms.

(Update 3/23/11: RIP Elizabeth Taylor you were a great activist for championing AIDS/HIV when no one else would touch it.)

And the point is I confess... I started collecting it, Shhhhhh... don't tell anyone! Much more to follow.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011






       My assistant is thrilled with the food! Yup, another turkey.

                 This one I'm not changing. It's going to Germany.

:) C

Friday, March 11, 2011

More happily ever Afters

Oh Eames!
 I have this little Reac model in black and it blew my mind when I found out Barbie had one too.

In  PINK!  Of course. Duh,

So I just had to change it.

What do you think?

and I just had to remodel this hot pink desk,

To this.

Wait for it ... the chair was hot pink too! Now put on your sunglasses for the "before picture" of this desk... Ready?

I mean it, really.

 The best part of this (don't tell anyone) is I got some of the furniture for 99 cents. The desk set with all the accessories by Gloria was $5.45 plus shipping. Check out the purple phone. See it transformed to black in the picture below? 

See the tower of the computer under the desk instead of under the screen?

Great cheap thrills! Hey what can I say, I'm saving for a wedding. Cheers! C

See post below or before this for the first crop of reworked furniture.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Before & Afters

Pictures of furniture abandoned, unloved then restored or given TLC are great fun. It is always amazing what a little paint or modern fabric can do to revitalize furniture.

I think it is best to do the "after" picture first with minis and then reveal the "before" such as:

                                          The lamp after,

The lamp before

                                  and the computer "after"

the computer before. EEK!

I'm having fun cooking up more!
I think I will go post these on Flickr in Oese's Modern dollhouse -re -re-re, group (re as in repurposed) Cheers C

Credits: aqua couch vintage Barbie, Yellow and blue tension lamp, vintage Sindy found on ebayUK, Purple computer contemporary Gloria doll furniture. The scales on all these vary. Some could be easily used with 1/12 items such as the painting in the top picture by
Jo Searle, and the confetti pillows by minimodernista.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


OK so this cool house? It is HO train scale, do I have that right? 1/87th? according to Wikipedia. I better check. But way cool! Who designed this and when?
It is on US ebay #300531499368 now. I would love to know more, C