Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trends in Mini Modern design

Modern scene I made, I like it but will only keep a picture of it. The freedom to do this comes from the availability of self publishing. My collection exists on the computer in a photo application. Mine is Flickr and this blog, what I call an ethernet collection. This is how we present our collections now. The "new" definition of collection.
Traditional scene which is finished and will stay in my Italianate Victorian House unchanged. In my house and need dusting every so often.Visit http://myrealitty.blogspot.com/ to see more of this house.

Mini modern design is fluid. It is happening following current design . For the most part miniature houses are static. Because there is not a formula for mini modern it relies on invention. Hence the pioneer work of Mini Modern and the constantly changing evolving scenes of people like Oese from Germany. This results in an almost Gallery effect with constant exploration of changing designs. It is also "blog fueled" as one needs a stream of pictures to post on a blog.

If you are doing an historical scene it is limited to models reflecting that past. We rely on antiques of the period. This can be even as recent as DDR Germany or the interesting 1950's. Even the '70 are beginning to look formulaic. I can' wait till the '80s Ralph Lauren style is done in miniatures. In this work one looks to be true to that form.

Once it is acquired (and scouring for antiques and retro miniatures is a field in itself) it is saved. Finished. Complete. Some collectors take months or years to complete this genre of miniatures.

Modern design is developing every day so the mini scene is not static. It is free form revolving around a few modern designers, Peter Tucker, Mark Turpin and Paris Renfroe and my favorite Minimodernistas to name a few, and supported by many etsy mini makers of contemporary items. Food for example has lots of contributers. Above I am showing a contrast the two styles.
Credits: Top scene
Minimodernistas couch, carpet, coffee table, Bozart stripe lamp, black vase, side table child's block from CostCo,Tomy rubber tree, DDR German imported navy chair, Reac Bertolia chair, rement purse, shoes, champagne glasses and bottle, Texas Tiny Buddah and African mask.
Lower Scene:
Contemporary sofa suite found on ebay, circular table Tootsietoy, Metal parlor stove bought years ago when I first discovered buying online. Carpet ebay. Various antique and contemporary frames.


  1. Love that red sofa, and the 'glass' table. I do love vintage (in both mini and real world) but modern minis certainly provide a great deal of freedom. I have a big 1:12 house still in bits that will be totally modern just so I can go crazy and play with colour.

  2. Minimodernistas, my dear. Yes, modern design has more options. Its the aspect of changing decor like changing one's outfit that I see. C

  3. I realized just now, that I have no red sofa like you have! That's impossible, I will search for a fabric just now. Bye and go on with your "work"...

  4. Ha ha, I have something you don't.. oh.. uh.. I mean... yes the red makes it really show up in the scene and the high arms make it contemporary. xoxo F

  5. The stove is fantastic! And the atmosphere!

  6. Thanks Lisa, it's old school but I still have a place in my heart for it. My other blog is more old fashioned. C