Friday, August 31, 2012


A sensation brought to you by a small mind.

     The audience is shocked...oh and they are a stiff bunch.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Koloro Desk by Torafu

With baby napping more, I have been cruising blogs. I saw this
dollhouse inspired desk from by
Torafu Architects. I'm inspired. CM

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sometimes I wonder...

Some times I wonder how they did it back in the day.
Raising babies. I had forgotten what a 3AM feeding is like.
Strombecker kitchen and buffet set. Stove, refrigerator and sink by Strombecker too.
Contemporary made wringer washer, German wooden tea set . Wonder bread from ebay. 
Jennifer printable wallpaper, lucite window panes spray painted with diamond design came with the house.

Boiling bottles like they did in the '50's?
We only use cloth diapers for burping and the organic, natural diapers have a convenient dip in the front for the new infants
navel cord. 
Louis Rich Tudor House made from a masonite like wood, shingles  added by later owner.  Renwal plastic toys. 

What I mean is the techonology has changed so much just in the last 7 years since the birth of My Little Assistant. The sonograms are SO much better than 7 years ago, and we saw the baby in 3D before he was born.
Bendy dolls. Who exactly was the Manufacturer. Please let me know.

I love the character January Jones plays on MAD MEN. Love those bed jackets . Of course as this is my Assistant's first baby she is a little shocked how primitive the whole growing a baby inside you and delivering it is. That hasn't changed regardless of technological advances in medicine...
      Strombecker tea cart, dining table and chairs. German gold ceramic tea pot and cup.

But consensus of what instructions to follow swings wildly. It is not "on demand" feeding any more. The only Dr Spock my daughter knows is on Star Trek reruns. I just am amazed at the instincts of mothering as they kick in. Nothing has changed there!

Going to the Internet can provide both good help and company of people in the same spot as you, but needs to be balanced by TMI. Too many diseases, too many accidents with every kind of equipment. Just sometimes too much to know and too much to worry about. I guess the main lesson is trust yourself to know your own baby. 

Gotta go wake My Assistant for the 7am feeding.  Hey, who's the Assistant now, I think that is me!
Strombecker desk and chair and lamp. Not sure who the bed is by it has a flower decal on the headboard. Antique ceramic toy soldiers hiding in the back, car and train unknown.

 OK, fed and pooped and feeling good. Time to sleep. Not the way. CM

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

With the understanding this is ink

I really like the original saying "Keep Calm and Carry On". I have the print by SFGIRLBYBAY in my kitchen. It originally was made during the Bombing of London in WWII to instill public morale with calm.

My family likes the other versions from the internet, "Keep calm and drink tea", "Freak out and throw stuff", "Get creative and make stuff"...

So when I saw this I had to laugh. "Funny in a sick way" said the Little Assistant's mother, but I like it.

 Assuming it is red ink... It captures exactly how I feel in my experience making miniature projects. xo CM