Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pubdoll's hot Black leather couch

Pubdoll graciously let me post this picture of her black leather couch like Lisa's I so admired. It is from her Karl Edo Spook house and she said she had to use a black fabric paint pen to fix it up as Karl Edo like's things looking sharp! That it does.
I love the black and orange combination and the brightness of the picture makes me want to start experimenting with working lights. Thanks Pubdoll. I am exploring black and orange.
Love those pillows and the plastic cube coffee tables.
From the other side of the ocean, this is a Strombecker flocked grey chair and sofa. Pillow and tubular table lamp, minimodernistas, accessories rement.Wooden carved bowl antique Mexican craft. Side table vintage German DDR .
Rug silpat.
More playing with orange and black with the addition of a woven napkin ring for coffee table.

Mini modernistas chair and tall lamp.Texas Tiny Buddah, on gold perfume lid, rement plate on wall, Tinytoy painting, and Gerlach glasses on newer Stromberker buffet. Really liking Black and Orange today.


  1. Yeah yeah...the furniture's really great, but what do I have to do to get that purse?! :)

  2. So nice of you to show Karl Edo's room on your blog and that I could inspire you to make these beautiful scenes!

    I love everything, the flocked Strombecker chair and sofa are gorgeous and so are Minimodernistas pillow and tubular table lamp! The large wall art is also wonderful and the Buddha looks great on the perfume lid. But my favourite here is the wooden carved Mexican bowl, what a treasure!

  3. Thank you Pubdoll. I am think about lighting my MH1 house... that should be a fiasco! C

  4. I agree with Pubdoll on the pieces she likes best. My favourite is the wooden dresser again. Did you once told us where it is from?
    I love the lamp Pubdoll used in her scene, but the two minimodernista-lamps are great too.
    I love your modern blog!
    Finally you will succeed with the lighting, I'm sure. You are a kind and helping person, so you will get help.
    Minihugs to you and all your readers!

  5. Thanks Oese, you're a babe! The wooden buffet is the second round of Strombecker furniture probably around the '50s. The first round is more '40s looking, a heavier design, and my Louis Rich Tudor is FULL of it so you will see it on the other bloig if we EVER get to the 1940s! C