Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Company arrives in the Tynietoy Townhouse

The Luggage is placed in the hall, the rooms are readied.

Holiday Punch???

Quite effective!

Now where did I hide that present?

Somebody wakes up too early!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

What do you mean you won't fit ???

You really must have the Marilyn Minter tree in your MH1!

 Even if the house lines are too trim for Santa! Give him a key.

Couch by minimodernista, table by PRD, Art work from "Call of the Small" exhibit curated by the Shopping Sherpa,Canberra, Australia, rug tiles PRD, Buddah by Texas Tiny, Women Dolls, Caco, purse, rement,Santa, unknown maker, House Wes Christensen's Modern House 1.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Getting your dollhouse ready for Chanukah

For your front door

From an estate sale for your dollhouse door

From Mainly Minis

From Debs Dollhouse minis
artisan made Menorah from ebay seller:  Latvia1942 in Australia 

                                    From Mainly Minis

Seder plate from Mainly Minis
From Dollhouses and More

From Debs Dollhouse Minis

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yoga soldiers

Ok I found what I want for Christmas!

BroGamats. GI joe doing Yoga. 


You can order on Kick Starter, Oh Kick Starter you kick ass!

As they say "Drop and give me 20 downward facing dogs"


Friday, November 28, 2014

Miniature Christmas ornaments

Every year replicas appear as Christmas tree ornaments, bicycles, wire chairs and this year I saw an out door tent.

They are not as big as 1/12 but how cute and out doorsy for you mini campers.
What have you found?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oh Barbie! Check out these Bad A-s Lego girls!

Read in the Huffington Post today the following


She couldn't become a computer engineer and had to rely on men. The Mattel company apologized.

The problem is what she represents. The sex ing of kids, Kinda like what Brittany Spears did to Kids clothing, tots in Daisy Dukes and off the shoulder T shirts! And Yes Mom can say no, but  recognizing the power of merchandising is such a empowering idea. How we are manipulated by the psychology of sales. Obvious but so powerful.

Thank you Susan of Susan's mini homes for this article in her newspaper in Toronto

And Jewell at doll-lightful for clearing things up about the Lammily  Doll http://doll-lightful.blogspot.com/

As I am 60 and lived in LA I had one of the first Barbie dolls. I was in 5th grade. Man, Barbie has lingerie. Who knew about silk stockings? And GARTER BELTS!.

 I remember going over to my friend Sally's house and being surprised when she said "Want to play DIRTY BARBIE" I said ok. Then she unclothed both her Barbie and Ken and held them together tummy to tummy and smashed them around.
It meant nothing to me... Boring.

Lets just say there are dolls for all ages.

And Kudos to the little girl, Charlotte who wrote Legos asking them to make girl Scientist lego people.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/05/female-scientist-legos_n_5452284.html

So gimme those Badass Lego girls! These are mash ups by a real 3 yr old girl! Cecilia. Her mom Posted them. So cool.

And here are the  new Lego women

I am thinking of this because I read that clever English Journalist, Caitlin Moran's book, "How to be a Woman" on her experiences as a writer and girl/mother/lover et al. and My Little Assistant came into my room looked shocked and asked incredulously "YOU'RE READING HOW TO BE A WOMAN?" Like maybe I didn't know how...

You see once again miniatures reveal real life.Take that Nella Oortman's husband! There was a time we didn't even OWN our  own children.  You go Girrrls! CM 

P.S. I originally titled this "Barbie, check out those Badass Lego Girrls" and I think blogspot wouldn't publish it till I removed "badass" from the title. Could that be? Thanks Minidork I saw in your comment how to spell with -. 

 (I should really call this blog "I'm just saying...")

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Give your Barbie stretchmarks!

Photos by Nicolay Lamm


Oh no Barbie did you have your appendix out?

Oh Barbie? Tatoos?

Yes she wears other colors than pink!

Kick off those heels and go hiking!

So what I am wondering is this doll the one from the Kickstarter campaign? I donated and haven't heard further from that. Does anyone know?

Monday, November 17, 2014


You may have seen this replication of Picasso's Guernica done in Legos on the internet by Veronica Watson of Legoland. Very ambitious.

Guernica was a small Spanish Basque village where Franco and Hiltler bombed and strafed unsuspecting villagers  in their town and fields. Hitler did it to show off and show the power of terror. Picasso painted it to bring attention to The Spanish Civil War.

 Picasso knew this was a new form of warfare and his painting was shown  at the 1937 International Exhibition in Paris in the Spanish  Pavilion.  The Spanish were quite nervous about it's reception because of the strong presence the Germans whose exhibit was one of the largest as Germany was just coming into power before WW2.

 On seeing a picture of the painting on Picasso's wall during the occupation of Paris a German Officer is to have said to Picasso "Did you do that" and Picasso replied "No, you did"

Considering the world of terrorist acts we live in I don't care what medium this important work is shown in as long as people see it and know its history.

And I am NOT say Germany made the only Terrorists. I think my own country has  done it's share of damage.

What would you paint to depict terror today, Be headings, drones, refugee camps? CM

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Christian Hacker upstairs

                                 New changing screen and fainting couch

                               Marble and soft tin fireplace

 Favorite Hertwig Grandmother doll with intricate beaded dress.
Large mirrored chest behind her is from Musee Poupee, Paris.

                                     Boulle desk and chair

             Notice family portraits on the wall are of other dolls.

                                Next door in the Library.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


                                Cute cardboard suitcases

         A new tea set for Rosemary in the Happy Shaw house.    German side tables and an old dresser of unknown manufacture.

The couch, chair, and ottoman are Goldilocks Doll Furniture. I especially love the aged patina coloring them gold. Floor 
lamp is Tynietoy. These dolls came with the Tynietoy Townhouse.

                       A Complete set of antique bottles from Germany for the                                        Schneegas drinks tray. 

I don't think I  have ever seen this whole set in the box. Oops put 2 Scotch in instead of one Irish.
                                          And trunks for the Tynietoy attic.
                                             Two are tea tins one is a bank.

And, always little toys for Downton the baby of the Tinytoy                                          Townhouse. This time a train set.
                                     More to follow. CM

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pennsylvania antiquing

What a day! 

Beautiful Pennsylvania sunshine. Spring weather. This state has farms and barns and houses that look like dollhouses.

After looking at beautiful old furniture at this farm, 
we found a set of Adrian Cooke furniture in a case in the old barn. The owner said he didn't have any dollhouse stuff. It appeared as if it were  magic.

           To a Californian, all these houses look like dollhouses. Very few houses in Ca. are older than the 1940's.

The grass is greening up and the forsythia is in bloom. Antique stores, antique malls and outside flea markets are everywhere. 
We just set the GPS to "nearest antique store" and headed out.We even ran into an outdoor auction.

Some were traditional.

Some spaces in the antique mall were dedicated to one specific era. This was a 1960's shop and gave me flashbacks. Orange Dansk pots and lots of lime green tupperware.
More next week... CM