Sunday, October 31, 2010

I see the light

Could these be the seasonal lights Mini Dork has been looking for? People use them to make lights in their dollhouses instead of wiring. They are $5.99 at Ace hardware. Whoo hoo holloween fun! C
Fooling around with the LED tea light. The fireplaces in the antique houses are best, this is the Christian Hacker House livingroom. The fireplace is not an antique. It just happened to be the right size. With flash.

sans flash
I thought the walls looked too bare, so up went the relatives. C

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Gods of the post office have smited me, smote me?

I have not received my items from the "Call of the Small" exhibit though they have been sent. They were mailed at the same time as CallSmall's, who received hers. The Gods are playing with me. I am DYING to set them up gallery style in my MH1.
this is an interesting image. It is all over flickr it can also be found at:
Is it REALLY that far from Australia to California? I guess it is. We forget sometimes because it seems so easy to communicate globally. Now the tedious process of tracking them. Sigh.
Love this sign: a version of the WWII saying from Britian, "Keep calm and carry on". I got my classic saying from SF girlbythebay  w who makes a beautiful silkscreens.                                          What I REALLY feel like is:

 (above image by the same company as the "make things...") Usually I wouldn't freak but another package has gone missing that the post office says was delivered Sept. 20th.
Though I know it's REALLY the bathroom project that has me tense... I think I will have to keep my litttle houses neat as a pin. C

Thursday, October 14, 2010

As soon as I put it on my other blog that this one wasn't behaving, it started working...

Why I missed the San Jose show.
Can I turn my basement bathroom into... a bath kitchen and make an inlaw apt?  (the following image is from the internet, so I cannot find the credit!)
This? Not and expand my miniature collection, that is for sure! Or go to England, THIS December to meet up at the Kensington Show. 2011, maybe.
Because of the upheaval, now when I glance over at this antique bathroom set which hasn't been placed yet I feel discombobulated! (That word is especially for anyone learning English). Usually my rooms make me feel serene. Not this one. Apparently the tiny workmen have not shown up yet!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Andy Allan

This is one of those fun situations when miniatures creep into other people's lives by contagin. Andy is a contractor I met a year ago. I real man's man. He used to jokingly refer to my doll houses as "kindling".
He made this chair for me without my asking. He is around wood all the time and this is his design.We are considering legs.
 I ordered a table.
See? No matter who you are,
 miniature design creeps into your soul. C

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mark Newsom

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Sometimes you just have to settle for 1:1 scale... C (I look longingly at my morning bowl of shredded wheat...perhaps with laquer...)