Friday, June 25, 2010

Pink Sink for a gray cube

I love my Mini House 1, (MH1) by Wes Christensen who is an architect who mostly builds real structures inhabited by people and office wokers, I'm saying 1:1 SCALE.  aka "the Big Time". I feel so lucky he took the time to design this mini house with all the complexities in scale, shipping and marketing and such.

His MH1 is sooooo easy to play inKitchen (today)
He included a gray cubicle to serve as an addition for whatever the designer wanted to make of it. I have enjoyed making sooo many scenes in this house. It is so accessible and flexible that it has taken me till now, over a year later to even get to that little structure!

So what did it? Oh that clever little post of Anina's using ELF, a British Miniature Co.'s sinks.
Yes, advertising works. It is the perfect edgy color and style for that room. The stainless towel racks and shower handle are ELF, too.
The little cosmetics rement.
The toilet Tomy.
I should call this post Elf Love, but heavens only knows what kinds of comments that would elicit.


  1. Hi Carol
    I agree with you - this house is great! I'm sorry I live so far away to order it and afford the shipping!The bathroom turned out lovely.
    I love Elf Minature and try to get as much of them instead of Dollhouse Emporium.
    All the best

  2. Hi Neomi! Yes I love the pink sink BUT I draw the line at paying as much for a miniature toilet as a real one. Hence the use of my old Tomy. I just noticed the toilet paper on the roll is Yellow! eek I will have to paint it white today. xo C

  3. Oo la la. Pretty in pink. I'm so glad you got the sink, I love it. It looks great in the MH1.

  4. Congrats, that pink sink is gorgeous, especially against that grey wall!