Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Diatom Chair

Look what came in the mail while the Elder Assistant was getting herself married. I am intimidated by the instructions.

The other modern chairs want to play (Bouloum chair by pinchofpepper, phantom chair, wedding favor)

Is there a Bay Area self help group for putting these chairs together, will provide alcohol... C

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Honeymoon inspiration from Sans

Photo by Sans from her recent trip to Bali. see more at  and all her pictures at

Where are My Assistant and her Husband going for their Honeymoon? Tha Bahamas of course. Irene will have moved on by then. Thank you to all my dear guest bloggers who made the month of August a joy! CM

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daphne saves the day...

The Elder Assistant and the Younger Assistant of my blog have a life outside My realitty. Congrats on their Reality!

               Thanks Daphne for helping me on this big day!Especially with this chic outfit.

You were BIG helping keep the Bride calm on the way to the

                             Pewf! We were almost late!
"Daphne", said Colette "did you bring any Kleenex?" Of course she did.
                                   Yay! On to the reception!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Colette and Daphne arrive at the Shaw House in D.C.

 to visit Colette's D.C relatives the Shaws. To Colette who lives in the MH1 their Dutch Gambrel house seems rather formal.
 Oh dear, they have lovely Tynietoy knife boxes, but no dining room table. Nice chairs though and Chandelier.
                     Tynietoy Grandfather clock in the front hall.

The Library. Tynietoy marble fireplace contemporary map in the style of Tynietoy, bookcase, and oh my two drink sets. Hmmm.
Tynietoy pencilpost bed with original mattress, dresser and brick fireplace. Someone needs to hang pictures.
Breakfast room with Lynnfield set.

Sweet little Baby who lives there, seems to need a nursery set. Tynietoy small chair. In fact the upstairs needs finishing. Well
Colette and Daphne enjoyed their stay even though the Shaw's were rather stiff. It is the Happy Shaw house!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Please join this new blog  It is a blog about surviving growing, watching and enjoying being a family at this point in time. It will cover travel, decor, design, parenting, grandparenting and much more. The authors are A Working Mother, A Newly Wed, and A Single Woman of A Certaine Age, as the French say. Please join us for this adventure.

For mini design collectors there will be a give away of a phantom chair drawn from the first 25 names that transfer from this blog. Cheers LCM 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little Brides are popping up all over!!!

This bridal pair made by Erna Meyer is from the collection of blogger Rebecca of Rebecca's Collections. They were made in the 1950's.

This set of Rebecca's also by Erna Meyer is from the 1970's. Hmmm I think I am going to have to dig up my own wedding pictures from the 1970's...
And this one is 18th century style. Be sure to go
to and see her pictures of the beautiful and spunky brides from her family! Thank you Rebecca, you're a doll! C & Co.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

SHH I'm not really blogging...!

I am supposed to be taking time off, but it is hard! I am just slipping a little pic in of a glass chandelier I got last time Shale and I went to Pennsylvania. It is so easy to blog wherever you are from Flickr... mob (mother of the bride)

Creds: (I've been reading a lot of FBI novels) German dollhouse ca. late 1800's, modern phantom lucite chair, Shackman mahogany table, antique glass chandelier, antique german soft silver sconces, antique german red stripe platter and vase. Vintage bottle.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Guest Blogger: Minimodern

Thank you to my friend Minimodern for guest blogging this week on LCM. I am traveling back East for my "Elder Assistant's" (younger daughter's) wedding later this month.

       Minimodern  has envisioned a reception in the Villa Sibi!
     I love these colors! Look at the chandelieres and the boughs!

   The Bride loves the colors too. Had to remind her it is too late to change...

Look at these beautiful colors and festive setting! The Younger Assistant wants the cakes.

   Orange, pink and yellow colors are perfect for an August wedding!

The Goods: main table PDR, guest tables and chairs are Bozart Toys, cake tables are children's blocks, Buffet table is Selecta, White panels are minimodernistas, Vases are CB2, all accessories are Re-Ment, Mighty World, Bozart Toys, Mattel, DCWV, and common craft store finds.  Modern MC

Truly Bloggy friends are the BEST! Thank you Minimodern
from LCM and her Elder Assistant and the flower girl.