Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot red couches

http://thehouseoflisa.blogspot.com/ Lisa found this beautiful vintage leather couch at a flea market in Sweden.
She thinks it might be Lundby from around 1965. Any ideas? Thanks Lisa it is iconic.

Vintage Swedish couch close up.

My fav couch in Southwest setting



  1. I'm quite sure it's by Lundby. I have collected the leather sofas and chairs since I absolutely love them, and until recently they were the only modern looking sofas to find in my scale. I have the sofas and chairs in both black and red.

  2. Wow Pubdoll, May I see a picture? If you have it already on a post tell me which and I'll look it up. Thanks C

  3. I'm sorry I can't contibute anything at all regarding the couch but I can't resist commening on it's setting. I just love the 'distressed' decor of that room. I guess it's by a result of true aging but I'd be very happy if I could reproduce it so it's now going in my 'inspiration' file. Not sure why I've suddenly become obsessed by 'decay' in styling - something to do with one's own advancing years perhaps ??? ;)

  4. Carol, you can find them in the basement living room.

    Here: http://pubdolls.blogspot.com/2009/05/back-to-basics.html

    and here:


    And in Karl Edo's living room, for instance here:


    and at Christmas here:


    (I see that I must post a new photo of his living room soon so I have one without the Christmas tree too, but this spring has been stuffed with family occasions, so it has been very little time for minis)

  5. Thanks Pubdoll, you're a babe!

    Norma I also love the charm of the aged dollhouse. It reminds me of the work of Paul Keleher where he documments antique dollhouses.