Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Barrel Chairs

It is Wednesday. I have my granddaughter, I mean my assistant, that is why there was no comment on this post till now. Every mother has my sympathy. Especially if you have more than one child (I had 2, but it was so long ago I forgot what it was like)I posted one picture twice, then deleted the whole post, then she poured Elmer's glue on my bedroom rug. Then she poked her hand into the Christian Hacker house so I put the pictures up and am adding the credits now.
MH1 house, contemporary black wire outdoor stove, Minimodernista white table and grey barrel chairs. Rement plate. Other pieces are credited in posts below. C


  1. I love the barrel chairs and table and especially the outdoor stove. It all looks great!!

    I hope you don't get stuck to the rug in the dark ;)


  2. Lol Susan, I just had to use a lot of water on the rug. I'm just hoping IT doesn't stick to the floor. :)

  3. even though.....your arrangement is so fresh and inviting!

  4. I love the Strombecker furniture . is it 1:12?
    I thought it must be bigger.

  5. Hi my dear! I had no hobbies like this, when I lived with my children, so they couldn't disturb me like this. But I learned to play the piane when they were little. well-educated they wait untill I have finished my exercise of one piece, but that makes me crazy, to try to succeed in playing without faults, and beside a patiently waiting child!
    I'm so glad you told from whom the chairs I, I was wondering....
    So I think Minimodernistas is a friend of yours?
    By the way, like Neomi I like the strombecker flocked furniture. I wonder how we could flock our wooden furniture. Is there anybody who knows this technique?
    lots of love!