Sunday, June 13, 2010

Copy Craft

This art book by Amatheria on Bellini  looks so real and is so beautiful. Below I have another he made about Tintoretto and they are works of art in themselves.

When Mini Dork (who I REALLY think should be called Mini Magician) of Modern Mini Houses posted her iconic picture of the Kaleidescope house with striped green craft paper it rocked. I bet I wasn't the only one who ran out and got some craft paper! This is my attempt at wallpapering the MH1 house. It is just for fun as the design really calls for stark walls with art (to me). Just playin' C
My family keeps looking for the Silpat. oops.
Credits: I have mentioned everything in past posts except the Tynietoy horizontal mirror.


  1. Los libros son una maravilla!!!
    El papel queda espectacular, me encanta
    besitos ascension

  2. Gracias,Ascension,it always makes me happy when I see your comments.C