Sunday, June 6, 2010

Buzz buzz buzz, Is 1/18 scale the New new?

Change is looming?
So yesterday's blog about the new brinca dada houses looming on the design front was fun. I had a lot of responses. ( I will pretend to understand the 1/18 scale)

One of the responses I got was from Doris Nathanson of Minimodernistas. You may have seen her on the elf web site, and she works with Paris Renfroe. She told me she is begining to work in 1/18 scale which would work for brinca dada, Lundby, Tomy or any 1/18 scale house.

She is listing the following 1/18 scale pieces on ebay today at 5pm PST. Ruh ro it's already 5:30PM. She would also like to know what my readers would like to see available in mini furniture or what you are longing for.

No we are not in cahoots though I am an absolutely devoted addict!


Here is Colette (my alter ego) watching curb appeal in her 1/12 version I purchased in 2009, you may have seen it on flicker. Colette and I are relaxing, but these creative types... they never rest! Cheers CM

Or is it the old NEW? Either way it is causing a stir.
(Doris sent a comment below and she could not get it to post so I put it through under my google.We may be cool, Doris but apparently not all THAT cool. Right now I can't even figure
out how to get my left aligned margin back. Lordy, lordy it's hard beingover forty...) (or fifty in my case.... )


  1. Thanks so much for posting my photos... I have my heart set on the Emerson House. So I began making 1:18 scale furniture for my own collection. 1:18 truly modern pieces are limited, so then I thought that other collectors might be interested in this scale as well. I would love to hear what your readers have on their 1:18 scale wish list. Your new blog is really teriffic! Keep going... you're on my favorites!

  2. (I had to post this for Doris as she does not have a google account and neither of us could figure out how to process her reply!)

    LOL Thanks Doris, Your are the best and I know we all love your work, I know you want a web site but don't ask ME how to do it!
    Be sure to show us your Emmerson House when you get it. It has been fun chatting with you. CM

  3. Congratulations!!! I love this house and is the type of decoractions I prefer!
    Love modern DH!!

  4. True Meli, I think this summer is an exciting time for mini lovers! CM

  5. Thanks for sharing Carol, I will check it out, Minimodernistas do really beautiful work!
    But since I will be going a lot abroad this next month I won't be buying anything from ebay until I return. And Doris, what I miss the most is nice modern coffee tables and lamps. (Although I have made quite a few lamps by myself this last year using Lundby bulbs)

  6. True pubdoll. Small coffee wood tables and side tables too. I think. Maybe smaller hanging lamps for the side of the couch. CM

  7. Hi.
    I am so happy that I found your page... so I want to tell you something about the furniture I bought here where I live.

    I din`t buy them all... just a few to start from somewhere. Four tulip-chairs to the kitchen, four other chairs to be situated here and there and one "comfortable" chair for reading... You will see them after a while in my blog. ;)

  8. Hi thank you. Yes this is the Reac collection from Japan. I think you can buy them from China, They are on US ebay too and very attractive! They make a scene instantly hip. I love designer chairs. Thanks C

  9. Yes, your's is vintage and very cool. May I put up a pic of it because I think it is the original that is back in style now. Do you know who made it? Or when? Thanks CM