Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pennsylvania antiquing

What a day! 

Beautiful Pennsylvania sunshine. Spring weather. This state has farms and barns and houses that look like dollhouses.

After looking at beautiful old furniture at this farm, 
we found a set of Adrian Cooke furniture in a case in the old barn. The owner said he didn't have any dollhouse stuff. It appeared as if it were  magic.

           To a Californian, all these houses look like dollhouses. Very few houses in Ca. are older than the 1940's.

The grass is greening up and the forsythia is in bloom. Antique stores, antique malls and outside flea markets are everywhere. 
We just set the GPS to "nearest antique store" and headed out.We even ran into an outdoor auction.

Some were traditional.

Some spaces in the antique mall were dedicated to one specific era. This was a 1960's shop and gave me flashbacks. Orange Dansk pots and lots of lime green tupperware.
More next week... CM

Thursday, April 24, 2014

more Gottschalk

Look at this beautiful antique punch bowl in my friends Gottschalk
roombox! All I can say is, "let's party!" CM

Saturday, April 19, 2014



Look what came to visit.  Gottschalk roomboxes. My doll "Rosemary" hopped in to try one out.  Why are they "visiting"? 

Well... Some friends arrive with car trunks like this. Some dollhouses that were borrowed until better ones came along were returned. Some had to be picked up from auctioneers that are in this state. 

And then some more had to be purchased after an exhausting day of scouring local antique malls. You know how some collectors just seem to draw dollhouse treasures to them? And they are the best to go dollhouse looking with.

Loot.  I had just mentioned to my friends how I needed a small metal cart for the Tynietoy Townhouse dining room and bingo! There it was. Then I found Tynietoy dining room chairs for $8.00 each! Unbelievable. And trunks for my attics. Suddenly they were everywhere. Some people just bring you luck. 
But more about Gottschalk, as soon as I download my photos AND
recover. I forgot how many miles one can cover in these malls.  CM

Friday, April 18, 2014

Rock and Pebble dollhouse book

Did you see: http://blog.mrprintables.com/the-dollhouse-book

I got it from a blog called mrprintables.
What a great Idea! $35.00 
and you can get it here:  http://rockandpebble.com/

Monday, April 14, 2014

Nothing like a big miniature auction to get one going...

If you watched the Bertolia Auctions you know what I mean... sigh, it was a barrage of antiques from the dollhouse books author and Washington D.C. collector Flora Gill Jacobs.

Meanwhile I looked through 3,000 items of Garden miniatures on ebay and here is what I would buy for my modern houses if I were home. Let me just point out there are lots of garden items made, from Fisher Price to China.

                        Offered by Shop Nana Finds  (not me)
Miniaturists are also so clever to capture the lates style.  
                  Offered by Melody Janes Doll Houses, England.

Fairy Gardens are in, oh I mean faerie gardens. Too twee for me, but really well done.
                                  Offered by fairyvillages.

 Cheers CM

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Frank Lloyd Wright: Fallingwater

This is a miniature model of FLW's Fallingwater House.
It can be found at the Carnagie Science Center in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

photo by Raunaq Gupta

I will be visiting this marvel soon...
Further updates: So my "Little Assistant" is attending Sunday School. She told us all about Joseph and Eve in the Garden with the snake...
Upon hearing the 10 Commandments she though you WERE supposed to covet your neighbor's house, and I can just tell you, I do! Especially if it is miniature.
We told her dressing older than your age is wrong, so that if she wants to wear sleeveless tube tops or higher heels she can't because that's committing adultery!
Having fun. CM

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My latest miniature

New, new, new. What have I been up to latel? My Assistant's second little assistant. Cheers, CM