Thursday, June 17, 2010


To translate clearly
if you already have this
I will eat my hat


  1. Haiku? is a Japanese poem existing of 3 sentences with syllables of 5 for the first line,
    7 for the second,
    and 5 for the last. C

  2. "Haiku on japanilainen kolmisäkeinen runo, jossa on 17 tavua. Tavut on jaettu säkeiksi suhteessa 5-7-5. Haikujen aiheet liittyvät yleensä luontoon"

    That is how Haiku is explaned in finish language...

  3. Thank you Kikka.
    I consider haiku a most beautiful combination of language and philosophy. I use it with humor as bokeh to tease Petra. She told me in an email she will lie and say she has whatever it is I am sending her just to see me eat my hat!
    It is good to have good friends. :) C

  4. Thank you MyRealitty
    Yes there is even a saying; "Friends are the salt of the Life".
    Now I am sorry to find out that I made a notable spelling mistake last time...but i am not a native English writer, so please forgive me!
    (Should have written; Finnish-language..)

  5. I forgot to say that I also like Haiku. My Blo even "starts" with an old Haiku by Matsuo Bashô

  6. I am impressed! Matsuo Basho is the master. Here is one I wrote in the 4th grade.

    Up comes a big wave
    Little feet scamper away
    but there are wet toes...

    I lived in Japan when I was little. CM

  7. O`you lucky one! You have been able to live Haiku to become true in your life, I can see that in your own Haiku!
    When you are a child and you live in an environment, you kind of feel the environment, the culture that surrounds you in a different and very special way, you enjoy all the meanings and little tastes without even thinking about them; Natural as life as your Haiku-poem.
    ( difficult to say what I mean, as an adult...)