Thursday, December 29, 2011

By Toys for "Men" they mean "People", we are in France

There are dollhouses! Shale and I will be there next week after school reumes in Paris. xo CM

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Does anyone know what Midwestern Museum this house is from?

Called the California House, this mini house is in a Midwestern state. Does anyone know the name of the Museum it is in? (back to the internet...) Happy Sunday, CM

Friday, October 28, 2011

Plus Size Barbie

from today's Huffington Post
Here is a Polish Doll Called "Ken's Aunt"...

She is one of the few plus size Barbie dolls on the market offered to girls AND we have met Francie from Oese, the doll made from the John Travolta character in the movie "Hairspray". I would call her plus size.  Do you know of any other Plus Size Fashion dolls (now there an oxymoron...)? You Have to love that doll's serious underware... what kind of message does THAT send.

To read this discussion go here:

Ok my favorite comment about the article is from Judgement of Paris who says, Maybe they ought to make a doll called "Carbie" :0 CM

Friday, October 21, 2011

Earthquake in Berkeley Yesterday

So we had a 4.0 earthquake on the Hayward fault yesterday. Basically right under my daughter's house.
The stairs fell over in the I house. Johnathan Adler lamps fell everywhere! Look how far the kitchen table jumped. I haven't even found the market umbrella stand yet. It must have fallen behind the chair...

 My PDR shelving was knocked over but it is fine. Well constructed. I'm telling you it was quite a jolt! I am a California girl and I went outside for 20 minutes afterwards.

And while there was no damage in the 1/1 house, thank heavens, no windows cracked. All the pictures and mirrors were crooked, plates hung up as wall design fell, and the doors opened up on the china and glass cabinets and desks.

 I did see the windows bow, my secretary opened and things spilled out. Notice the large phantom chair caught on the edge of the glass shelf.

When this happens the local news comes on and people call in and say "a jar of jam dropped off my table". I resisted the urge to call in local channel 4 and say, "My mini house was devastated!" Then at 8PM right after my daughter reassured my Granddaughter , my Little assistant, it wouldn't happen again we had an after shock. She slept with her parents last night. Nobody got much sleep...The schools are very prepared in California. Each child takes a bag with snacks, extra clothing and a pictue of their family and pet and keeps it at school for emergencies. In all the excitement I forgot to look into the I house until this morning! A little edgy today and guess I'm retrofitting . CM

Monday, October 17, 2011

Do you know the way to San Jose....

That song kept running through my head as I sailed 25 minutes down the freeway. In traffic it would take over an hour and a half.
photo from Megan Hornbecker's cell phone
 I drove by ebay headquarters through the industrial park to the hotel. I waved, "Hi it's me..."
The Doubletree hotel was very nice. The quality of the miniatures was very high. There were 100 vendors or so. Not too many. Medium well attended on Sunday. (OK just published this before all my pics are up, so will be adding more throughout the day!)
     So happy to meet Peter and Jeremy Tucker in person!
photos by MiniDork
Love this Eames bench! The one in my hand  (above) is made in natural wood color.

PDR shelf
Saw Paris and Lisa Renfroe. There is always lots of buzz around their booth.The funny thing is many of their customers are the other vendors. I picked up my zig zag wall unit. Wow! Paris suggested mounting it on lucite so I can have more options with the background! I love it.

photo by Minidork
Doris found this great vendor of small hand sewn items and bought a beautiful quilt made of asian silks. It will make a gorgeous wall hanging.

One of my new favorites is XYZZX Creations. William and Joan Beiriger who show "ethnic and Nature arts in miniature"

photo by Minidork
He has an African sculpture by William Asango from Kenya that is similar in shape to a Giacometti  that I am wild about. I had already shot my wad by the time I saw it. their website is:

photo from website of xyzzx creations

Erik Goddard at:  made beautiful lit roomboxes and oriental lanterns that glowed. 

Also got to hang out with Mini Dork who is a blast! Must plan better for next year! (need a bigger budget) Thanks for the wine and Pita Chip treats, Minidork! CM

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tomorrow is the Miniature Conflagration in San Jose

See you there! Saturday or Sunday? Hmmm.

For Lemon Cadet. My kids bought this little computer sometime around 1987? Some how the screen got lost. I will have to print the original Apple Screensaver.

from Wikipedia
      This is a picture of the first Apple computer.
Thank you for everything Steve Jobs.

Update: today this item is available on ebay US
item  #170646801360  for $9.99 and there are 10 available. Do you think these are still being made?
This offer ends in 8 days.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dylan Doll House: Livingroom

So I REALLY love the gold curved ceiling.

But I will admit it is hard not being able to put your whole hand into the room.
Credits: back to front Amazing miniatures shelf Bozart vase, DDR German vintage floor lamp, Crailsheimer couch and chairs. Tootsietoy table Mightyworld glassware, rement plate, vintage Navajo souvenir rug, pinchofpepper Bouloum chair.
Well, frankly this couch has such an ugly maroon color. It clashes with the red items I want to incorporate. Paint it? Gray? C?
Well I have accepted the fact that the Boulom chair will live in the MH1.
                               Rearranging the Crailsheimer couch.
          The world famous Amazing Miniatures shelf...
Exhibit B
 The large Reac Pieces fit in the livingroom, the smaller ones in the upstairs.
The reason I am posting each day is I want to get back to the I house on Myrealitty blog.
Hope you enjoy, thanks for the comments.
OMG Does this ever happen to you? I looked ALL OVER for the 4th outdoor chair. Really. Then I found it right at my foot!  I know they move. You cannot tell me sometimes they do not hide! Sneaky little minis! CM

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Dylan Dollhouse

Mise en scene.

So I went through all my stuff and here is what fit: post card screen, minimodernista rug, barrell chair, and pillows. Bozart kid's bed, DDR coffee table for tv, Dol Toi vanity with mirror, rubber kids wood blocks, Andy Allan chair...

                                          Rement plate on wall.

 Big lamp is a Bozart vase for the base with a calking tube lid for the shade.Working on the Dylan House. I went to my house and pilfered all my stuff to immediately begin playing with this house.
I found I had to use tweezers and sticks to move things around because the rooms are small. I also will need to light it as they are dark.
I like how there are no doors to get in the way.
I put other photos up on flickr but am only happy with this room so far.  I LOVE the gray and gold and white palate. CM

Update: I decided to spray paint the Mightyworld umbrella (I saw Mini Dork do this ) (Thanks Mini dork)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Dylan is done!!!! In less than an hour!

 OK, so my Large Assistant made the missing dowell out of a pencil. He cut off a piece (took 2 cuts) Is this where the designer starts tearing out his hair saying, "Why do I let these people touch my designs!" ?

                     The last screw goes in.
                                  Ta Dah!
 OK it is finished! I !LOVE it! Done in less than an hour of total work. The hardest part, according to my Large Assistant, was getting up off the floor again... :) CM