Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good News!

Some of you know a certain blogger from Canada who had chemo and surgery last year. Today her MRI came back and she is clean!
Yay! Here are our two alter egos celebrating! Colette and Daphne.
My buddy and I have had many experiences together, Napa, Paris and even driving my daughter the bride to her wedding ceremony!
She is a great pal and so much fun! Congrats! and I understand you are off to Norway now! Fantastique! CM

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I protest!

                      No Skittles for you, my son.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reason to Celebrate!

We have reason to celebrate: go to  

For details of the conclusion of the Mysterious Maine Tynietoy Townhouse Mercantile Mismanagement 

I feel like Erin Brokovich and hope Helen Mirren plays me in the movie. ;)   

I also do not encourage children to drink but my sophisticated Little Assistant has been to restaurants in San Francisco where she has been asked if she wanted a "Shirley Temple". Not knowing who Shirley Temple was... Not caring for 7 up nor mariscino cherries this baby of the Foodie generation found it too sweet.

So coming from the 1950's myself in this mid century decor loving Mad Men watching world I created and am introducing as
founder the new Child proof cocktail:
The Katy Perry.

It consists of lemonade, ice cubes, and a dash of blue food coloring. (you may substitute blue berry juice or any thing blue but Curacao which contains alcohol.)
She chose to stir it, not shake it as we were using her Mother's seriously heavy crystal cocktail shaker.
I wetted the glass rim and tried to coat the edge with left over blue cookie decorating sprinkles but that just didn't fly.

So Cheers from California to Toronto for showing Auction Houses we will not be played. CM

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My status

Well my Assistant is visiting the West Coast with her baby. So all mini houses are up high, or off limits.

Had to duct tape the side board shut in the Living Room. He is strong!

I had been complaining about a twisted ankle and My Assistant insisted we visit the Dr. I'm glad we did as I have two broken bones in my foot! I am in a boot and will be getting a cast for 6 weeks.

We made quite a parade going to the X ray Dept. with his stroller under my wheel chair. So No mini news for now, just an update on my mini breaks.  Cheers C

Sunday, May 26, 2013

That Gallery Look! WANT

WANT THIS! One for each of my dollhouses. Such an artistic, musuem looking, high design stand for my dollhouses from Pottery Barn.

You know what I say...."When you can't have it... pin it" Carol Morehead

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doll Human cloning! I'm in.

                                From the Huffington Post

Read this article:

A doll company can replicate an exact face on a doll. Whoa! Like it? Of course this is not totally new. When I was little and we lived in Yokohama, Japan we had Kokeshi dolls that had our faces painted on by an artist. My kimono was pink. 

Do you remember the story when my daughter, My Assistant went to her Iranian pals house from Cal and met her mother? The Mother asked what I did and my daughter replied, "she makes scenes with little dolls". The mother who spoke limited English replied mystified, "Like Voo Doo?"   

Well with these dolls, Wikens practice your skills. CM

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What are you doing next Saturday?

If you don't know Solano Avenue, you don't know your East Bay.

Half in Berkeley and half in Albany it is the hippest neighborhood of California bungalows, collection of restaurants and stores and galleries. And we have a new addition to announce.

           The Doll's House, which you can find more about at           

                                              Dine here...

                                               or here...
                                          Buy flowers here...

                                 By the old Oaks Theater
                      In a side alley is the new community space called Open Fine Art Gallery. It is an  Event Space, Gallery, hosts Meetups and holds classes. AND has the Doll's Houses of Naomi Kamiya
 Oh and architecture lovers that we mini house people are, be sure to see the surrounding fine examples of California bungalows.
More about the Open Fine art Gallery and a look at the inside go to  
I'm excited, CM 
P.S. My aol address was hacked so I ended it and have a new one. Do not open anything under the old address from me. Thanks C

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So Not clear about the concept...

From Pinterest:
           Reminds me of this New Yorker cover, July 30, 2007.
                        Being a woman is all so interesting.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just so you don't make the same mistake...I

I did... I put "Boulle" in all my search engines.
It turns out 
Mr. Pierre Boulle wrote this book, Planet of the Apes. 

Now I get notified everytime it appears for sale. Hmm. How to fix. Shrug, CM

Sunday, April 7, 2013

If you watched the opening season of Mad Men did you see the mini commercial???

 There I was soaking up all the mid century design and along came a commercial using mini furniture.

Pretty funny in a show about an innovative ad firm.
The plot was a guy walks up to his buddies in the park who were enjoying a ball game on tv.

 Which was his cell phone sitting on a miniature piece of living room furniture.
He took his nachos out of a mini stove.

 And opened his mini refrigerator to toss his buddy a mini can of beer!
Illustrating how the picture on his cell phone was as good as being in his own livingroom.
OK! Good add, point made by 1 800 watch tv. Made me sit up and notice. Would love to see the guy pitching that one...

What does this remind me of? A 2009 post I did of Mitchymoo's work from flickr.
Someone else used cellphones as tvs. Do you remember who? Hmmm I think PDR made an ipod station that looked like a tv wall unit, I better go check. 
 Thanks, CM

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How you know your family gets you...

When they hand you your Easter present and say, "I thought you could make something with the cage... You know... for your houses?"
Girls in pink:    My Little Assistant

 My Littlest  Assistant: Boys in Blue

AKA: Men in Plaid

Smart bunny! CM

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh Barbie! You haven't gained a 54 years!

Susan's Mini Homes blog  has sent me back to childhood memories. She pointed out today is Barbie's Birthday, she is 54.

Barbie's scale set at 110 lbs.

images from wikipedia

Barbies diet book titled "DON'T EAT!"

Barbie sought to enlarge it's market in 1997 and caused a furor over it's name.

Contemporary size adjustments to the Mattel Barbie doll.

This is the German Bild doll "Lilli" Ruth Handler's daughter Barbara liked to play with and she modeled her Barbie doll after her.

If Barbie were a real person this is what she would look like. 
But we cannot lay all of "body dismorphia" at Barbie's tiny feet
It took a lot of brave women to reject the corsette. Remember fainting couches? That is because the womens lungs could not fully fill with oxygen if they exerted them selves in any way. 
Breathe deeply and be glad you are a woman in this century. Have your cake and eat it too. C
Update: 4/6/14
Go here
to see the new Lammily version.
or to order one:

Getting there! CM

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pin it?

Interesting to go on pininterest and see your pictures. I found my German roombox on Dollhouses. I started a page called dollhouseme. Haven't even figured out yet if caps matter. Tell me what you know about it. Have you been "pinned"??? Is it to show you have good taste? To share ideas? Is to show what you desire to own? I can see why etsy  people go on it to show their wares. What is it about? 
Today in the Huffington Post: More about Pinterest

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My present to go with the Mini Jazzi hostess exchange

My mea culpa. So the reason you Mini Jazzi hostesses won't find a present from me in the MJ box is a. it was Christmas... and b. it was pouring cats and dogs when she was here and we could hardly sight see. In California if it rains everything stops. We stay inside. Why? If you went out you might get wet. And is it safe to drive in the rain anyway???

But what I was going to send was tiny copies of Fillmore Posters from the 60's.  You can see them better on my flicker page.

Plus there would be problems because I think I would have to get permission from the printers who sell copies etc. So I missed that boat sitting on a dock of the bay. xo CM