Sunday, May 26, 2013

That Gallery Look! WANT

WANT THIS! One for each of my dollhouses. Such an artistic, musuem looking, high design stand for my dollhouses from Pottery Barn.

You know what I say...."When you can't have it... pin it" Carol Morehead

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doll Human cloning! I'm in.

                                From the Huffington Post

Read this article:

A doll company can replicate an exact face on a doll. Whoa! Like it? Of course this is not totally new. When I was little and we lived in Yokohama, Japan we had Kokeshi dolls that had our faces painted on by an artist. My kimono was pink. 

Do you remember the story when my daughter, My Assistant went to her Iranian pals house from Cal and met her mother? The Mother asked what I did and my daughter replied, "she makes scenes with little dolls". The mother who spoke limited English replied mystified, "Like Voo Doo?"   

Well with these dolls, Wikens practice your skills. CM

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What are you doing next Saturday?

If you don't know Solano Avenue, you don't know your East Bay.

Half in Berkeley and half in Albany it is the hippest neighborhood of California bungalows, collection of restaurants and stores and galleries. And we have a new addition to announce.

           The Doll's House, which you can find more about at           

                                              Dine here...

                                               or here...
                                          Buy flowers here...

                                 By the old Oaks Theater
                      In a side alley is the new community space called Open Fine Art Gallery. It is an  Event Space, Gallery, hosts Meetups and holds classes. AND has the Doll's Houses of Naomi Kamiya
 Oh and architecture lovers that we mini house people are, be sure to see the surrounding fine examples of California bungalows.
More about the Open Fine art Gallery and a look at the inside go to  
I'm excited, CM 
P.S. My aol address was hacked so I ended it and have a new one. Do not open anything under the old address from me. Thanks C