Sunday, June 27, 2010

Have you seen this from Chen Karlsson?

go to their site for more info.
Talk about highlighting your favorite miniature!

I saw it on
One of my all time favorite design blogs.
I can ALWAYS find thrills in their "before and after" column.
(of course I want one in 1:12 for my MH1...)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pink Sink for a gray cube

I love my Mini House 1, (MH1) by Wes Christensen who is an architect who mostly builds real structures inhabited by people and office wokers, I'm saying 1:1 SCALE.  aka "the Big Time". I feel so lucky he took the time to design this mini house with all the complexities in scale, shipping and marketing and such.

His MH1 is sooooo easy to play inKitchen (today)
He included a gray cubicle to serve as an addition for whatever the designer wanted to make of it. I have enjoyed making sooo many scenes in this house. It is so accessible and flexible that it has taken me till now, over a year later to even get to that little structure!

So what did it? Oh that clever little post of Anina's using ELF, a British Miniature Co.'s sinks.
Yes, advertising works. It is the perfect edgy color and style for that room. The stainless towel racks and shower handle are ELF, too.
The little cosmetics rement.
The toilet Tomy.
I should call this post Elf Love, but heavens only knows what kinds of comments that would elicit.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Once the height of Design

Interesting what stands the test of time isn't it?
Credits: Strombecker 1930s, '40s.
Ya gotta love it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


To translate clearly
if you already have this
I will eat my hat

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well some accomplishments are Grand and well... some mini

These pictures are from and I want everything there! Especially this one!

When I began my career I was the first events coordinator at L.A. County Museum of Art. I was one of the first women to work while pregnant. I had to buy bias cut black nightgowns and wear a Holly Sharp kimono jacket over it to black tie events (with running shoes) There weren't the products back then that are available now. This was when Rusty Powell was Director. He is now Director of the National Gallery of Art and that daughter, I had, met him there last year at an event.

Well, I used to sit on the  Museum cafeteria terrace in Eames Wire Bikini chairs and scheme and dream a lot!

After raising my 2 daughters and Tons of other events and fundraising, I was thinking about those chairs the other day. I LOVE the Vitra miniature chairs. The wire Panton cone chair is only $399.00. But there is that scale issue. Really, I'd snap up 6 of the Bertoia Diamond chairs at $288.00 apiece if the scale was 1:12 (ok not really). Hey it's on sale from $288.00 to $280.00, by the way!

MH1 house Terrace
And every once in a while they are on Ebay... but people still want to recoup most of their outlay, so that doesn't work for me either...  I mean I scour markets and stores for wire strainers I could work with. You know how we get...And then I found a can of silver spray paint in my pantry... Remember my yellow plastic repurposed chairs? Well it works for me and I'm still just sitting here scheming and dreaming. (Hey do you think that Vitra guy could use a Margarita?) C

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dual Post day...

OK so I'm doing it with myself...( watch those ripostes) I am putting my logo here and on my other blog, It is for this one.. TA DAH! I have to enlarge the script and play with color but this is it. it says "As close to the edge as I can get"
I used Hatchwise that Call Small suggested and it was SOOOOO much fun! Man, there are a lot of creative people out there!( I told the designer when I meant edgy, like not jumping OFF the edge...) What do you think? I still want to use my little blue thumbnail though, because I like it.  Cheers C

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Copy Craft

This art book by Amatheria on Bellini  looks so real and is so beautiful. Below I have another he made about Tintoretto and they are works of art in themselves.

When Mini Dork (who I REALLY think should be called Mini Magician) of Modern Mini Houses posted her iconic picture of the Kaleidescope house with striped green craft paper it rocked. I bet I wasn't the only one who ran out and got some craft paper! This is my attempt at wallpapering the MH1 house. It is just for fun as the design really calls for stark walls with art (to me). Just playin' C
My family keeps looking for the Silpat. oops.
Credits: I have mentioned everything in past posts except the Tynietoy horizontal mirror.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Red and the Black


Vintage DDR chair, Minimodernistas red couch, rug and lucite coffee table.Vintage Bozart table lamps,
rement champagne and classes and shoes, Tomy rubber plant, Reac Bertolia chair, Copy of Keith Haring painting. Black card from Noir Bar in Cambridge

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pubdoll's hot Black leather couch

Pubdoll graciously let me post this picture of her black leather couch like Lisa's I so admired. It is from her Karl Edo Spook house and she said she had to use a black fabric paint pen to fix it up as Karl Edo like's things looking sharp! That it does.
I love the black and orange combination and the brightness of the picture makes me want to start experimenting with working lights. Thanks Pubdoll. I am exploring black and orange.
Love those pillows and the plastic cube coffee tables.
From the other side of the ocean, this is a Strombecker flocked grey chair and sofa. Pillow and tubular table lamp, minimodernistas, accessories rement.Wooden carved bowl antique Mexican craft. Side table vintage German DDR .
Rug silpat.
More playing with orange and black with the addition of a woven napkin ring for coffee table.

Mini modernistas chair and tall lamp.Texas Tiny Buddah, on gold perfume lid, rement plate on wall, Tinytoy painting, and Gerlach glasses on newer Stromberker buffet. Really liking Black and Orange today.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Barrel Chairs

It is Wednesday. I have my granddaughter, I mean my assistant, that is why there was no comment on this post till now. Every mother has my sympathy. Especially if you have more than one child (I had 2, but it was so long ago I forgot what it was like)I posted one picture twice, then deleted the whole post, then she poured Elmer's glue on my bedroom rug. Then she poked her hand into the Christian Hacker house so I put the pictures up and am adding the credits now.
MH1 house, contemporary black wire outdoor stove, Minimodernista white table and grey barrel chairs. Rement plate. Other pieces are credited in posts below. C

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hot red couches Lisa found this beautiful vintage leather couch at a flea market in Sweden.
She thinks it might be Lundby from around 1965. Any ideas? Thanks Lisa it is iconic.

Vintage Swedish couch close up.

My fav couch in Southwest setting


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Buzz buzz buzz, Is 1/18 scale the New new?

Change is looming?
So yesterday's blog about the new brinca dada houses looming on the design front was fun. I had a lot of responses. ( I will pretend to understand the 1/18 scale)

One of the responses I got was from Doris Nathanson of Minimodernistas. You may have seen her on the elf web site, and she works with Paris Renfroe. She told me she is begining to work in 1/18 scale which would work for brinca dada, Lundby, Tomy or any 1/18 scale house.

She is listing the following 1/18 scale pieces on ebay today at 5pm PST. Ruh ro it's already 5:30PM. She would also like to know what my readers would like to see available in mini furniture or what you are longing for.

No we are not in cahoots though I am an absolutely devoted addict!


Here is Colette (my alter ego) watching curb appeal in her 1/12 version I purchased in 2009, you may have seen it on flicker. Colette and I are relaxing, but these creative types... they never rest! Cheers CM

Or is it the old NEW? Either way it is causing a stir.
(Doris sent a comment below and she could not get it to post so I put it through under my google.We may be cool, Doris but apparently not all THAT cool. Right now I can't even figure
out how to get my left aligned margin back. Lordy, lordy it's hard beingover forty...) (or fifty in my case.... )

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love the work of Piet Mondrian

Front of the BRINCA DADA house called the Bennett House. Due out this October.


I am attracted to houses with the led lights in them. Isn't it cool to make a splash! I bet the Brinca Dada folks are having fun about now. I wonder how many preorders they have for the Emmerson house. I know all my friends are drooling. Do we know is it 3/4 scale meaning 1 foot equals 3/4 of an inch? Or is it 1/18 scale?
Update: BOMBSHELL TONIGHT as Nancy Grace says (just joking) (see comments below)Reac chairs would fit in it. Vitra way too big. Lucky Barbie she has Vitra and a rack, how does that translate to German? What scale is the Tomy Small House and Garden? I HATE cm. I like fractions. (so for the slow class...Sarah Palin won't let me call myself names... This scale is slightly smaller than Lundby, of which I have none... and am not familiar with except through Amy. I also have no Brio.)
I'm thinkin bright colors! (I can see wood and Fall colors in the Emmerson.)
But this one might get me. So Bauhaus!
(Thanks tout le petit monde for your help. Or is it "demi monde" what scale is THAT!) C

Friday, June 4, 2010

MH1 Office

Credits: Wes Christensen Modern House 1, carpet Minimodernistas, pinchofpepper tension lamp, vintage German DDR desk, Reac black chairs, rement desk articles, imported laptop and tv, vintage balcony used as tv stand, delph wall plugs and light bar, Lancome makeup top for wastepaper can. Venezia poster and map by Amatheria.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trends in Mini Modern design

Modern scene I made, I like it but will only keep a picture of it. The freedom to do this comes from the availability of self publishing. My collection exists on the computer in a photo application. Mine is Flickr and this blog, what I call an ethernet collection. This is how we present our collections now. The "new" definition of collection.
Traditional scene which is finished and will stay in my Italianate Victorian House unchanged. In my house and need dusting every so often.Visit to see more of this house.

Mini modern design is fluid. It is happening following current design . For the most part miniature houses are static. Because there is not a formula for mini modern it relies on invention. Hence the pioneer work of Mini Modern and the constantly changing evolving scenes of people like Oese from Germany. This results in an almost Gallery effect with constant exploration of changing designs. It is also "blog fueled" as one needs a stream of pictures to post on a blog.

If you are doing an historical scene it is limited to models reflecting that past. We rely on antiques of the period. This can be even as recent as DDR Germany or the interesting 1950's. Even the '70 are beginning to look formulaic. I can' wait till the '80s Ralph Lauren style is done in miniatures. In this work one looks to be true to that form.

Once it is acquired (and scouring for antiques and retro miniatures is a field in itself) it is saved. Finished. Complete. Some collectors take months or years to complete this genre of miniatures.

Modern design is developing every day so the mini scene is not static. It is free form revolving around a few modern designers, Peter Tucker, Mark Turpin and Paris Renfroe and my favorite Minimodernistas to name a few, and supported by many etsy mini makers of contemporary items. Food for example has lots of contributers. Above I am showing a contrast the two styles.
Credits: Top scene
Minimodernistas couch, carpet, coffee table, Bozart stripe lamp, black vase, side table child's block from CostCo,Tomy rubber tree, DDR German imported navy chair, Reac Bertolia chair, rement purse, shoes, champagne glasses and bottle, Texas Tiny Buddah and African mask.
Lower Scene:
Contemporary sofa suite found on ebay, circular table Tootsietoy, Metal parlor stove bought years ago when I first discovered buying online. Carpet ebay. Various antique and contemporary frames.