Saturday, July 31, 2010

Decisions, decisions

You may have read that I want a Peter Tucker chair to go with the walnut  Renfroe Naguchi cofee table, and the brown confetti patterned Minimodernista couch by Doris Nathanson. I also have a vintage DDR floor lamp and 2 orange pharmacy lamps by Doris for the room.

There is a choice of color for the leather seat, black, brown or tan. Which do you think would work best with furniture below?
Could the tan bring out thesquares in the couch?Or would the black tie in with the livingroom?
Brown is good. It is a room with natural wood to contrast with the chrome of the livingroom and the vintage DDR linnoleum in the kitchen ties in the dark brown wood.
It is for the MH1 which has a red couch in the livingroom.

How cool is it I have a choice? Would your average designer give you this freedom? Peter, you are FUN to work with. (of course you too Paris, and Doris...couldn't do a room wihout you!) What do you think?Decisions, decisions! C

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Urban Ore, Berkeley

There is a wonderful place where Architectural components and all sorts of stuff goes to...retire. It is available for reuse.After antiquing in Alameda we ventured in.(see and Daphne looked at this house for $25.00. The roof lifted off over the handleand the rooms could be divided by design by grooved slots the designer chose. Colette decided not to buy it.What did Shale find? Back in the corner of a locked cabinet... an entire family of Flaggs. What a score! What a day! What fun!The girls celebrate their success today!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Thank you Mini Dork for arranging a lunch at Samovar restaurant at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco today.  We met Mini 2 be (pictured right) . She brought her new Paris Renfroe SLICE Tilt coffee table, Minidork brought the Bozart white couch and tea set and Shale brought Daphne and I brought Colette. So... naturally we made a scene in the restaurant. 
Then we went over to the Museum Store to look for mini decor.(Pictures by Susan Hale)We also saw art...We loved this installation by William Christenberry
from 1982 of Depression Era buildings. We all felt right at home.
What a glorious day!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Clever gifts from Canada

A friend from Toronto brought this frame for the MH1. It is brown with lime dots matching the Minimodernistas' linnens on the bed.
It actually is a magnifier for your purse.

Friday, July 23, 2010


As you may know by now, my main designer is Minimodernistas. I am branching out with other designers but her modern style just suits me. When I saw her pillows I had to add to the ones I had. Oh look there are people in this picture. Why it's Colette with her friend visiting from Canada, Daphne. Oh they are googling maps of wineries in Napa.Love these confetti pillows in the barrel chairs.
I loaned my camera to both of my daughters for their vacations and the little door covering the battery and chip was lost... Hence the absence of pictures on this blog,(No I wasn't off in Tahati...)
My friend Susan Hale rescued me so I could take these. My camera part is supposed to arrive any minute and I am borrowing my son in law's camera for a bit of a jaunt today! Cheers CM

Monday, July 12, 2010


So I  have been wanting to use my refurbished Triang facade. It was the ruined one I painted stainless.
I used it to extend the MH1 with a piece of plexiglass for the roof.
The little Atrium roof is from the Victorian dollhouse green house. Furniture credited in previous posts.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PDR 4 MH1, is this a secret code?

Here is the picture of the new PDR Kitchen installed in the MH1.
If you don't know the code it means this incredible kitchen is made by Paris Renfroe Designs.

and I put it in my MiniHouse1 by Wes Christensen.

There is a contemporary French door refrigerator, unknown maker,
vintage DDR flooring that came with a German roombox kitchen, Delph miniatures Windex bottle and espresso machine.
Minimodernista ribbon and gold hanging lamps and white circular table with gray barrel chairs.
Comtemporary manufacturer of bottled water on counter.
Vintage cup on shelf. CM 

                   this kitchen is between the home office and the new brown and maybe orange or lime or tourquoise accented family room.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well, then a sprinkle of old favorites with a dash of new.

Note to MiniDork, (YOU ARE SUCH A CALIFORNIA GIRL!) when you make a threat, the outcome isn't supposed to be something the person you are motivating WANTS to have happen...I love your visits. Seriously girl, you need some schooling by some people from New Jersey or New Yawk.

OK, I'll break. I'm trying to make a family room for the MH1 in browns, which is a departure for me. The house itself is gray and white so I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this more natural look. And Orange? Not sure. One thing I am sure about is this other chair I want...CM

DDR vintage plastic lamp, minimodernistas pharmacy lamps.

UPDATE: I ordered a Paris Renfroe kitchen for this house and posted it on my other blog  I will be posting it here when it is in situ. CM

Monday, July 5, 2010

Add a Minimodernistas couch with a pinch of confetti

OK! So I'm an impatient cook!

Recipe: take a table of PRD

One Paris Renfroe Design coffee table, Noguchi design,