Saturday, June 5, 2010

I love the work of Piet Mondrian

Front of the BRINCA DADA house called the Bennett House. Due out this October.


I am attracted to houses with the led lights in them. Isn't it cool to make a splash! I bet the Brinca Dada folks are having fun about now. I wonder how many preorders they have for the Emmerson house. I know all my friends are drooling. Do we know is it 3/4 scale meaning 1 foot equals 3/4 of an inch? Or is it 1/18 scale?
Update: BOMBSHELL TONIGHT as Nancy Grace says (just joking) (see comments below)Reac chairs would fit in it. Vitra way too big. Lucky Barbie she has Vitra and a rack, how does that translate to German? What scale is the Tomy Small House and Garden? I HATE cm. I like fractions. (so for the slow class...Sarah Palin won't let me call myself names... This scale is slightly smaller than Lundby, of which I have none... and am not familiar with except through Amy. I also have no Brio.)
I'm thinkin bright colors! (I can see wood and Fall colors in the Emmerson.)
But this one might get me. So Bauhaus!
(Thanks tout le petit monde for your help. Or is it "demi monde" what scale is THAT!) C


  1. Hi Carol!
    This house is really cool, I agree! And to the different scales:
    In Rebeccas last post you can see tables in different scales.
    In my post you can see my new red sofa (inspireded by your minimodernista-sofa), it is 1:16. 1:18 is a bit smaller, but you can easily mix this two scales, lundby does.
    I built up the scene in my lundby-house, it is 1:16.
    I put this sofa together with an 1:18 armchair with red cloth cover, but I also took fotos with the other scales, so you can see the sometimes small and sometimes big differences.
    callsmall and petitenouveau and pubdoll have lundby-houses (stockholm) and use 1:12 furniture in it. but some of your vintage german furniture is 1:10 instead of 1:12 (I learned it just now) and this looks weird in the scenes.
    Why don't you order first the sweet furniture - I'd like to have too - and then have a look, if the scale is matching to your other pieces?
    I'd like to make more pictures for comparision for you, if you ask.
    lots of love and minihugs from germany

  2. oh, and barbie is 1:6!
    the bigger the number, the smaller the pieces. you have to divide only, it is a mathematic-problem.

  3. OK Professor, so is 1/16 also called 3/4 some times? What about Vitra? Do you think it would work? F

  4. Thank you Oese for the pics you sent to my email. It seems Vitra would work.... Hmmmm. C aka. F

  5. Hey CM! Vitra is 1:6 scale, so Barbie sized. They definitely would not fit in a 1:16 house. And yes, 3/4 scale is the same as 1:16. I just wrote about brinca dada for the Shopping Sherpa's online mag, and the owners told me that they have received "hundreds" of preorders for the Emerson House. I just did a scene in my Brio, which is 1:16 scale, and I fit 1:12 and 1:10 furniture in it, so I definitely think there is room to play with scales. I love mixing scales, if only for the challenge!:)

  6. Thanks Call. That clears it up. Is this in the current Doll Houses Past and Present that is up now. I'll go look. Did they say when the Emmerson will be shipped? Buzz buzz buzz.:)

  7. Bennet House is so COOL! And the led lights..I am planning to have led lights also, but lets see how I will manage with them!
    My Doll house is 1:12 but I think there will be some different scales at least in small things too. "Serpa`s online mag"? - that is new for me, I have to have a look, thanks.

  8. Call Small is referring to Doll Houses Past and Present forum started by Wendy Gater. Anna Maria,the Shopping Sherpa, just became the editor and gave it a great updated look. Many of us belong and it is a great place to ask questions about your collection and trade information. will get you there or go to the Shopping Sherpa's blog, she has a link. C

  9. Good Morning. I had to come for "news" again, because I didn`t succeed with that "Sherpa.." yesterday in Google. And I am so Happy to find now even the address; Thank you so much!! So Lovely from You! Have a Nice Day!

  10. Thanks for posting Carol, I know what I want for Christmas :-) (That is if I can find the space and money...)
    I see the others have explained the scales quite brilliantly, I just want to add that the 1:18th scale is the same as 2/3" scale.

  11. Ha ha! The scales have fallen frommy eyes...
    If you could have super modern furniture in that scale, different from Lundyby, what would it be. I love the brinca dada furniture and what other accessories would one need?