Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Which mini designer's work room is this?

Looks very clean to me! go to http://Myrealitty.blogspot.com/ for the final chapter of my interview with Wes Christensen. Not his final chapter, he is always up to new things. C

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Modern Dollhouse: MH1 Bedroom, Roof, etc.

This is the facade of a ruined Triang house. I sprayed it stainless steel and it really showcases the moderness of the Triang design.

Triang facade before

Facade  after.
Playing around with the MH1

It allowed me to add a family room with flatscreen tv, Delph miniatures, Paris Renfroe Nuguchi table, minimodernistas chairs, table, confetti couch, lamp. Silpat rug.
                      More interior, Reac Barcelona chair,  minimodernista couch, room divider, mustard colored ceiling lamps and lucite table, vintage Navajo souvenir rug. Vintage German roombox linno. Paris Renfroe kitchen in background.

Great party house!

Cheers! This was the house warming.

Everyone who was anyone attended...

Roof Lawn, Bozart chairs  in foreground, melted Fly swatters on tea lights sprayed silver for metal chairs in background.

Great for holiday parties...Sorry for the indignities Wes...

Bedroom: Strombecker vintage deco sidetable and small wooden lamp from the 1950's, Gerlach metal vase, real Chinese Maple leaf, minimodernista bed, bedding, pillows and ceiling lights. Silpat curtain.
         Mighty World umbrella and chair set on roof.
So I guess you can say I REALLY like to play with this house... CM

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MH1 Kitchen, office and family rooms

The room under the stairs makes a good home office.
Venice poster and map by Amatheria, Reac desk chair rement office supplies, pinchofpepper tension lamp, Delph miniature power bar, minimodernista rug.

Sometimes I use the support as a patio. Barrel chairs and table minmodernista.

Dishes, Mighty World playset, cushions, minimodernista. Drawing by my little assistant.

Fork and spoon drawer pulls. Starbucks cup rement gift of mini2B

Peter Renfroe stainless steel kitchen

Plywood chair by Peter Tucker (see my bio of him here http://leftcoastmini.blogspot.com/2011/06/design-profile-peter-tucker.html )
Silpat rug, vintage German linno from a roombox kitchen. I made the book shelf. Flat screen tv Delph miniatures.

Did I mention how much fun this house is to play with? I think one reason is how good the minimodernista, Doris Nathansen furniture and Paris Renfroe designs look in it. I am wanting that snake shelf of his...  Cheers CM

Friday, September 16, 2011

Do you have a favorite Dollhouse? The MH1 Livingroom.

DDR German table, Reac chair, couch and chair made by me, Bozart lamps. child's blocks side table.
I was looking through my pictures of the MH1 and am amazed how many there are! It is so condusive to scene making. The space is the perfect backdrop and everythig is easy to place. No pushing things in place by sticks! No need for peek a boo shots. So I decided to show some of the past pictures.

German DDR vintage furniture, Imagination House art, Bozart urns, Reac chair, minimodernistas pillows, strombecker floor lamp, Tomy rubber tree. Note pad rug.

Art by Oese, of http://Raumfurraum.blogspot.com/  Minimodernistas couch, Strombecker sideboard, mouse pad rug.

picture by Mini Dork

Here are the dramatic lamps made by Mini dork of http://Moderminihouses.blogspot.com/ ,flocked Deco chair by Strombecker, urn Bozart.
Tinytoy mirror, minimodernistas hanging lamp. African mask and Buddah by Texas Tiny, basket napkin ring.(remember that phase!) Strombecker flocked couch, Rement shoes, makeup bottle cap gold stand. minimodernista plexi table and pillows.

Here I covered the back window with art paper. It's funny but I am NOT a big fan of papered walls. It is probably because I grew up in the '60 and '70s in L.A. I once had a friend who had one room in her parent's house with wall paper that said "Mushroom" written over and over. Very op art. They called it, wait for it... The Mush Room.
Then later Laura Ashley mesmerized everyone and people were even wallpapering their light switches. I just like a gallery look, I guess.
Bozart sculpture, Reac Eames lounger, Rement suitcase, Caco doll, nightlight cover, for fireplace screen. Jo Searle painting of bird,  Candelabra by Linda Davy, from The Shopping Sherpa's exhibit in Canberra "the Call of the Small".

Ever feel you are being watched??? Oh! Peek a Boo!
I move the front steps around alot. :) C


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Using the MH1 of Designer and Architect Wes Christensen.

                               Photo of livingroom of his MH1
see my article about him at http://Myrealitty.blogspot.com/

Credits: Vintage German chair, minimodernistas couch, plexi coffee table, rug, Reac, Japan Barcelona chair. Rement shoe, champagne,  glasses, and purse. Stripe lamps and black urns Bozart, Texas Tiny carved African mask, Tomy rubber plant, Keith Haring artwork miniaturized.