Thursday, December 30, 2010

Best of 2010   See if this leads you to my flickr set.

You KNOW I'm still learning.

Well... all the news shows are doing the Best of 2010 so why not here too?
Oh oh, they are also doing the worst of. Think I'll just skip that. (Ruh roh, a couple are too grainy and now I don't know how to delete them from the set! It is hard to tell who's who from the thumbnails.)

What am I doing up this early? Someone down the canyon's car alarm went off. I am going to pretend it is a nurse going into work, a great and dilligent humanist, rather than a car burglery (is there spell check on blogging?)

Goodbye 2010
and, Here's to the Best of New Years! C


  1. Happy New Year To You..and specially All the Best for Your ModernMiniWorks! :)

  2. Hi...
    I just LOVE Your flicker set! Super!!
    Gorgeous!! Adorable!! Wow

  3. Thanks Kikka! You're a doll! And I mean that! C

  4. Happy New Year. Beautiful set of pictures!

  5. Happy Happy New Year!!! It's been a fun ride! :D

  6. Hi Heather and MiniDork. Won't this year be fun? C

  7. Happy New Year C, and what a great year the old was! For you it has also resulted in a great collection of pictures, it was fun to look through them again and now I'm tempted to do the same!
    So funny, I was just looking through your pictures when a comment from you came ticking in on my mail :-)

  8. Ha ha Pubdoll! We are all connected. Needless to say I never REALLY had a butler... C