Thursday, December 2, 2010

The tree arrives in the Puppenstube

(Is it Puppenstube or Puppenstuben or Puppenhaus to refer to the doll house?) The family gathers around the Christmas tree mother set up in the living room.
Mother is happy with her work.

Grandpa tells the children Santa will be coming.
Grandma takes the children into the kitchen to bake cookies.
 Brother jumps up when he smell the cookies! Granpa and Father laugh. The children are so impatient.
The little sister wants to put the next batch of Christmas tree cookies in the oven to bake and Grandma and Mother laugh and tell her she is not old enough yet. They reassure her she is old enough to taste them when they are cool.

Midcentury German dollhouse, Caco and Ari dolls. I love these children, they capture the feel of a toddler. DDR furniture.
My daughter tells me every morning my little assistant races out of bed to the livingroom to see if the tree is up yet. My daughter hopes to get hers up this weekend. Meanwhile we have the little trees going up.
Update: Thank you Rebecca for the clear explanation. See comments below. C


  1. Una escena encantadora. Los abuelos sacan energia cuando estan con los nietos :)
    Besos Clara

  2. How sweet! I love how you've shown the children's impatience :-)

    (Puppenstube and Puppenhaus can both translate as dolls house in English. Stube is a room or a lounge, while Haus is house. Puppenstube is used more for the 3-sided roofless rooms (single, double or even three) which were popular in Germany and France, but much less so in England. So English hasn't really had a name for the rooms. Barton did make one, and called it a Playroom (3 room unit) - and now of course we have 'roombox'. Stuben is plural, rooms.)

  3. Oh Rebecca you are a gem! Thank you for the explanation! CM

  4. Cute photostory, I think conversation is so hard to write, but you do it so well! And I love the DDR furniture, especially the green couch! Here we don't bring in the Christmas tree until the 23rd of December, so still a long wait for the children.