Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh no Mrs. Santa is missing!

Santa is resting up for the big night, but where is Mrs. Santa? My little assistant (my 4 yr old Granddaughter) was over yesterday playing with them in the Victorian house. She LOVES them. But what happened to Mrs. Santa? I have searched high and low and she is no where to be found. I should have frisked the little assistant before I drove her home. I am not kidding, there isn't time to order a new doll. What if Santa doesn't wake up in time for Christmas Eve. Will there be no Christmas this year? Ha! If I told my litle assistant that she'd burst into tears! I better go look some more! C

Credits: Minimodernista bed and lights, strombecker side table, Gerlach brass vase, notecard rug, Andy Allan chair, antique crocheted afgan.MH1 by Wes Christiansen

Update: So I told my elder assistant and in between talking to and texting her fiance and talking about brides maid dresses ad nauseum, she pointed out maybe I should look harder.

The bed is lumpy. I pull back the covers, It's Mrs. Santa!
Whoa someone's grumpy! Get the coffee on!
Minutes later... Oh Santa!
"Your mochachino latte is ready!" Whew! That was close.

Mrs Santa has a PDR kitchen, she can have anything right, so only the best for her. Expresso machine by delph miniatures, French door refrigerator contemporary, unknown manufacturer, silver coffee maker, blender and microwave by mighty world, refrigerator drawing by my little assistant, milk, rement?
Later that day:

She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!  She said to me "Nana, why are these things so wobbly?"
I must say doll houses are good babysitters. We are having a staff party today! My elder assistant wants you to notice the BLING!

Um credits: DDR German sidetable, cheap Santa, Bozart people, Minimodernista bed, contemporary Christmas tree, Michaels plastic wreath placed on top of a beautiful vintage strombecker lamp. etc.


  1. Now that's the trouble with married men. If Santa was single he would have to learn do things for himself - like waking up in time to fulfill his commitments instead of depending on his wife to take care of all the important things.(Can you tell I was married for a long time?) lol.
    I love the picture!!
    Merry Christmas all!

  2. Ha ha ha! Be careful what you say... "He knows who's naughty or nice..." C

  3. I am like Mrs. Claus. I need my coffee before I am nice! lol

  4. Bling indeed! Congrats again to her and the new son-in-law for you.

    Merry Happy,

  5. Ha, ha, good for santa his wife was found after all! But she really did look grumpy in that first photo! And I did notice the bling :-)
    Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family!

  6. Hi Meghan! Bet your Christmas is fun with the kids!!! C

  7. Greetings! Pubdoll, isn't it strange? That is the same doll but from different angles and different lighting! C