Monday, January 3, 2011

What kind of minihouse are you anyway?

You know those silly blog tests? Like, "Which Jane Austen character are you"? ( ok, I actually love them...)

Well, I made one up. Let me know if anyone else has done this.

Answer the 5 following questions, and give yourself points accrued.
1, for the first answer, 2 the second and so on.

1. What is you favorite chair:
Eames Lounger
Rietveld chair
Fainting couch
Chippendale chair
reed mat

2.What is your favorite music:
Beonce and Lady Gaga, Telephone
Sinatra, The way you wear your hat.
Strauss, Blue Danube
Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata (thank you Pubdoll)
fife and drum

3. What artwork do you like best?
Keith Haring
Arshile Gorky
Cave paintings

4. What Disney Heroine are you?
Rupunzel from Tangled
Sleeping Beauty

5.Which meal do you prefer?
miso soup and sushi
Cheese burger and fries
pasta bolognese
turkey and mashed potatoes
Prime rib and Yorkshire pudding

Answer Key:
5-9 Modern

10-14 Puppenstuben, retro  (from )

                     15-17 Traditional

18 Victorian

19-25 Antique

So, it turns out that I am Tiana sitting in an Eames chair, eating sushi, listening to Sinatra, gazing at Keith Haring.

Ha ha! let me know if you are who you think you are?  ; ) C
Update: Sorry Rebecca, I had to change the order of the foods. Not to stereotype you, but are you the Yorkshire pudding sort?
update: chatting on the phone with Doris Nathanson, surprise, surprise she's modern! C


  1. What a fun idea, CM! I got antique or traditional, which is probably about right - although with some alternative second answers, I might get retro as well!!

  2. I know Rebecca, I had to not lie to myself. Actually "cave paintings" should be the second art answer as they were really hot in the '50's. Well, you may be surprised to know it isn't scientific. C

  3. Ha,ha, this was funny! I am at work and it's very late but I had to try this :-) No surprise I guess, that I was a retro type :-) Btw, the Moonlight Sonata is by Beethoven, one of my favourite composers.

  4. This is so fun...
    "I am Tiana, sitting in Rietveld chair, listening to Strauss, gazing at Keith Haring (or gave..), eating maybe pasta polognese... O`my.." So I am Retro..

  5. I can just see you Kikka, and waiting for your frog prince! C

  6. What a hoot! You are so creative. I scored 16 and am traditional yet I could be all of them.

  7. Thanks Amy, notice I put only one score for Victorian as I didn't want to insult anyone...
    or did I just do that. Hmmm
    I wonder what Disney character you are... Tinkerbelle? C

  8. I'm apparently a retro Puppenstuben! Smiles.

  9. Thank you Modern MC, you are very supportive!
    Now if I could just stop humming the Bingo song... :) C

  10. Ones all the way. Is that a suprise?

    (Although I had to google the Disney characters)

  11. No that is right on target making me almost think it is scientific! C

  12. Apparently I am a Puppenstuben, retro. I am Tiana, sitting in the Eames Lounger, while I eat pasta bolognese, savour the Moonlight Sonata and stare at Cave Paintings.

    Of course tomorrow I may be Tinkerbelle in the Chippendale chair eating sushi to the tune stylings of Mr. F Sinatra and reveling in images of Manet's garden at Giverny. Let's see that would make me ... Ha ha, Puppenstuben, retro


  13. Ha ha ha! There! Perhaps it is scientific!
    Are there ANY Victorian out there? C

  14. Ha ha. Traditional?!?!? Cave paintings and Tinkerbell threw me over. She was the only non-damsel in distress, and the least girly in the non-cartoon movie versions. Hilarious! Good fun. :)

  15. Well Tinkerbelle is actually scheming. Belle is the intellectual, she likes books. Tiana is a self starter, Sleeping Beauty has no self will, and Rupunzel is another young girl used by an older woman, what is THAT about Disney??? Rupunzel seems more ditsy than the tom boy I think she is supposed to be. At least that is how I feel as I read the new Disney book every night. Cheers, C

  16. Not really a Yorkshire pud person, CM - I like it, but I've only had it a few times. Mashed or baked potatoes I love :-) I also like pasta, but not so much bolognese (though spag bol is almost a national dish here!), and hot chips (as we call them), but I wouldn't eat them with a burger - too heavy.
    Maybe I should google the Disney characters too - I must admit I've never heard of some of them. (Who on earth is Tiana?)

  17. Ooohhh, Rebecca - yorkshire pudding with roast beef and gravy. I love it!! This is one of my favorite meals and back when I was cooking for a family I made it often.
    I didn't chose it in this quiz because my mean old doctor (actually she is about 30 and very nice) told me I had to lose weight and exercise more. It never occurred to me that I could have had this yummy meal in the quiz. Sometimes I think I am a little too literal.

    ooohhhhh - yorkshire pudding with gravy (I think I have turned into Homer Simpson)

    P.S. I had to google some of the princesses too.

  18. Ha ha! The Disney princesses embody the reigning sentiment of the best female trait of it's time. Passivity for Sleeping Beauty, Enterprise for Tiana, Independence for Belle, spunkiness for Rapunzel and I know Wendy, stability, served as a foil for Tinkerbelle, impetuousness... these characters serve to teach us morals today. A Disney Pantheon. C

  19. Rebecca I LOVE how ou say "spag bol..."C

  20. It's what we call it here, CM!

    I think of roast beef and yorkshire pud as more an English dish. Here the equivalents would be roast lamb or roast chicken with baked potatoes, baked pumpkin and boiled peas :-) (or other baked veg)

  21. in our family we call it spag bog.. but maybe thats my cooking..
    regarding the quiz: can i go backwards... i really like old. :))

  22. Yes you can. Old is good. Very very very old is great, to me. C