Friday, December 10, 2010

PRD Carpet tiles

I finally had time to play with my Paris Renfroe Design carpet tiles. I love them. They have adhesive under them to attach permanently but I like to keep them easy to move. I better go to his website to see what is new

And thank you Paris for letting me write s designer profile of you for Doll Houses Past and Present ezine.


  1. Great article you wrote about Paris, both enthusiastic, informative and easy to read! (The latter is important after a long week at the office!)
    And thanks for your nice comment on Polly's bedroom in the previous post :-)

  2. Excellent article!! You have made me lust for these beautiful designs.

    Once I assemble my Emerson, I may just satisfy that lust by visiting Paris's website.

    Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Thank you Pubdoll and Susan. My next article will be about Doris Nathanson. C

  4. Great article! Looking forward to reading more of them! Room looks fabulous!! I love the carpet tiles, endless possibilities. :D

  5. Carpet tiles prove to be a superior choice to carpet in nearly every way. Besides, having different patterns, they also have beautiful and artistically made carpet tiles nowadays. So, I'm gonna have to say goodbye to my old and 80's look commercial carpet.