Sunday, December 26, 2010

I need a new house

This is by Magis, the Metoo kids, Villa Julia. It is 47 x 53 x 63 inches wide. It comes with stickers to decorate too. Click here to see more


  1. The url worked for me, though it didn't at first because I copied the period at the end by mistake! Hope that clears up confusion for anyone else.

    Also, love the playhouse!.. though it is a bit pricey for cardboard >_<

  2. Neomi Happy New Year! I guess I have to watch where I place the period!

    You know the old saying... "If it isn't one thing... It's your mother" (well the REAL saying is "It's another") but my daughters prefer the first.

  3. Thanks Ann. I know! At $250.00 it makes the Emerson House look like a steal. Best in the New Year, C