Sunday, December 19, 2010

My New Year Fantasy: Photo project

So here is my ultimate dream scene. It was provoked by a post by Shopping sherpa, Anna-Marie.
I would take bloggers who know one specific house.

1 Lundy
1 triang
1 Atriam House
1 K house
1 Oceanview
1Villa Sibi
1 Seablik
1 Lolly's Citadel

and plug them in with a mini blogger.   Anina, Nicola  of Puppenlochen (sp?), CallSmall, ModernMC, Shopping Sherpa, Pubdoll, Amy, Susan, MiniDork, Rebecca, Oese (glass house?) Me,(MH1) ModernMC, Petite Noveau (Emerson) etc. and do a photo
Oh by holiday, style whatever, hard core design, effusive light and see how each artist interprets the idea in a house they own and are familiar with.

If it were done quarterly it could draw in the mini bloggers who are busy with young children, and new bloggers with a small collection and inspire those of us with time to burn. It would be a uniting mini blogger event! What do you think?

Update: From your emails. Ha ha Oese! No one can understand me in English either!!
Anna Marie: Like a Tour de force of photographs from mini modern bloggers.
Something reflecting this school of thought which is happening right now. I like your idea of a calendar.

Maybe a virtual home tour for charity. I don't know any ideas?? C


  1. What fun. A great idea!! I can do my Gottschalk if you like.


  2. I left the comment at the wrong post, sorry!

    Again... I Like the idea :) But i really have no time to burn :/ and i just can/have Lundby... and i also have a language-problem, because i had some problems to understand this here, even with the translater. Could you explane it again in easy words for stupid germans ;D

    By the way my name is püppilottchen - what means a cute little doll, translated best something like dollily. You named me something crazy like "doll hole" in german, what made me laugh out loud ;D


  3. You doll hole! Ha ha ha ha! oops!

    I'm going to use that when I swear at mini bloggers!!! : ) Obviously I"M the one with the language problem! C

  4. I'm not sure I understand fully either, CM, though this may be the effect of two days travelling. What would the photo play be about?

    As you know, I'm not very good at sticking to timetables - at least in my own posts ;-) So joining in sometime would be good, - quarterly? Hmm, you might be waiting for a while!!

  5. "Doll hole" Hahahaha. When you say this you can threaten to rip them a new one.

  6. Ha ha ha ha! Please help me with a mondern dollhouse photo event or I'll rip you new doll hole? Eek. Sounds rather violent! C

  7. Dear Nicola, I dare not the other name again... I'm thinking Spring. Just think about your Lundby. If you had to have one photo that captures the essence of the modern (60's) Lundy look, what would it be. Just daydream when you can. C

  8. Shale said she didn't understand either Rebecca, That must be because you are Austealian and Shale is Canadian. Not!

    I know I am not clear but i have an idea. I am going to alk to my local Museum then explain. c

  9. I'm in for the Antrim. It sounds like you want one photo of each modern house that the owner feels best represents the house.

    Or do you want a theme? Something seasonal? "Spring cleaning" "summer time blues" "Rainy Day"

    I think there are a lot of possibilities. Keep us posted when you have more details. :D Megan

  10. Aha, so you had a lot fun with my new name... fortunately i just understand the half of what you wrote! :)

    "The essence of the modern (60's) Lundy look" i´ll think about that...

    Merry Christmas, yours Nicola (without any doll hole... ;D )

  11. Ha ha ha! That was the funniest remark of the year. C (dollhole...)