Sunday, December 5, 2010

looking to give a dollhouse for Christmas?

If you know me well, you know I have a 1958 Aljo canned ham style trailer. It currently resides in Taos with a friend. I can't imagine WHY my neighbors don't like it parked in my driveway???
 The funny thing is when I first posted it on flickr, they banned it. Apparently in some languages "dollhouse" has taken on the meaning of, um,  house of prostitution... on WHEELS? no less??? 

So you might think I would want this clever trailer model from the people at Greenleaf. You can find it here: ASC&p=10
But I don't. Or

This clever hippie bus from the same source.

Oese had a good post about little trailers. I will have to go back and find it to put a link here.
 I have already done my hippie scene on

because I am a design fan, friends of mine also send me articles, such as this opinion piece by Allison Arieff from the New York Times: Thanks L who emailed it to me this morning which started this whole train of thought.

and I just want to be perfectly clear to Santa, I'm the one who wants the set of antique knife boxes by Tynietoy.
Have I been good....? depends who you ask. Just easing into the Christmas mood. C


  1. Oh I love the Hippie-Post. Had missed it because I was in rehab in June. So cute and nostalgic!
    I will look for the trailer post in my blog tomorrow, now it's time for bed.
    hugs and kisses!

  2. In my opinion you've been a very good girl this year, making a lot of great posts which have entertained and informed us all!
    So nice with the link back to your hippiescene, it's still one of my dollhouse favourites, so cool! So chill woman, I'm sure you gonna get great tiny Christmas gifts from Santa :-)

    And I almost forgot, I love all the trailers, but the last one is my favourite, so sleek and elegant!

  3. So funny. I just happen to have the Greenleaf Trailer kit! I was going to turn it into a hippie bus too. I think trailers are cool. Sometimes I wished I lived in one so I could travel all over and never have to pack! :D

  4. Happy Holidays Oese! Thank you I would like to
    put a link to your post. xo C

  5. Hi Pubb! I love you last post! That asian theme rocked. I went to put a comment and there were like 50 already!!!
    As we say, "when I'm good, I'm VERY good, and whe I'm bad, I'm horrid..." always liked that nursery rhyme. XO C

  6. Hi Kathi, do you have pics of it. email em to me at and I'll post it. : ) C