Friday, January 28, 2011

Moderne dollhouses

This is a house in the hills near me. I love the sleek Moderne Design. It was built in the late '30's. I especially appreciate the contemporary color scheme the new owners gave it.
This house is from the Bethnal  Green Museum, in Britian, built in 1936. I have never seen it but it is on diepuppenstubensammlerin's Flickr stream, to see more of her pictures click here.

 by Henri Colbert  go here  to Megan's blog for more.

 This is a combination house I made from an old Triang House Facade spray painted stainless steel and my MH1 by Wes Christensen with a few panes of glass and a conservatory roof thrown in for good measure. Sort of a Moderne Mashup.
Wish I could find this one! I think it is a Triang. let me know if you know otherwise.
When I drive around Northern California I see so many examples of revival architecture. It is humerous how many different styles can be on one street. Sort of like a Hollywood set.
My very street is a Tudor, then a French Provencal, my Colonial, then a new Tuscan mini mansion. Come visit me and you'll feel like you've been around the world!
Have a nice weekend, CM


  1. I know how you feel- even though where I live there are tudor style houses ect. But we still have a recent History : Lovely German houses from the mid-end 19th century and Arab - Turkish style on one hand and sleek Bauhaus on the other hand. Than there also was the clean modernist 60th style.I love the Bauhaus of Tel Aviv and the German houses- these are practical straight forward yet beautiful even today.


    Here you get even the No. of the model! Amazing house, one of my all-time favourites of non-German dolls houses.

  3. Oh Neomig what a great picture you paint! CM

  4. Thank you D. You are such a great resource! C

  5. I really enjoy seeing these comparisons of dollhouses.
    I love them all, especially the one with the girl looking into it. I would love to find one of those. And I love your street. It's just one big lovefest over here. I wonder how many more times I can say "I love...".

  6. Hi CM, what a great house near you! and I love your combination house too :-)

    The Triang you show here is actually No 52. I have one - - missing its chimney and suntrap, as well as the front door and upper curved window.
    It's not as big as the Triang 53 - the 52 has two rooms inside, with hallway, landing, garage and sunroom on either side - the 53 has four rooms inside plus the extras (so does the 51, which is a bit smaller than the 53).
    Hope that's nice and clear (as mud) - but compare the KT Miniatures pic and this one, and you'll get the idea :-)
    There were some great deco dolls houses made at home in the 40s, too - I'll probably show photos of another one on my blog soon.

  7. You are so lucky to have #52! Wow. Yes show us! They are so appealing, just antique enough
    to be whimsical, but still so au courant.C

  8. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.