Friday, January 14, 2011

Breaking News: "Thing o matic" Maker bot arrives, not a joke it's real!

What is a Thing o matic? It is every  miniaturists' dream.

Acting like a computer printer, it is filled with plastic instead of ink. Put a picture on the computer, send it to this device and the "Thing o matic" builds it in 3 D!
Do you know what this means? You could create any chair, any design, in any color you want!

Now can I get my silver wire chairs?

The inventor calls it the democratiziation of manufacturing.
You know all the times we wish we had a miniaturizing machine. It's here! 
(It is too expensive now, but just imagine in a year or two? Soon... we can all have one!)
Go here to see more:  CM


  1. Even thought I didn't realized after a quick view over this site, if it's a joke or real: I want one too!
    I would like to make seats from chocolate marshmallows.....
    big sigh

  2. Makerbot is awesome, you will love it! I got to see their Cupcake model at work and have been wanting something from them since then. I'm actually saving up for it and will probably get one in a year or so.. unless they lower their price significantly (or if I win the lotto). ;-)

    And I agree.. once 3d printers gets to the proper price point, its going to be a game changer for miniaturists!

  3. Hi Mini Kitchen, I wonder what it means to mini food makers? C

  4. Hi Ann, Yes Win the lotto! I want to see a miniaturist use it. C