Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Manifesto, and I'm sticking to it...

Amid all the turmoil in the world... (do you think Momanned El Baradei will prevail in Egypt? wikipedia him if you need to...)

Are blogs supposed to be apolitical?

Not when they are called "Left Coast Mini".

Gee, I thought the lesson of WW2 was that politics in every day life was never to be forgotten.

And the lesson of Korea, and Viet Nam was "pay attention".

So my current diversion from all this World Wide trouble is the Dylan House by Brinca dada. Did you see the video on Call Small's latest blog? 

 It looked like a "cat's cradle" string structure being played out, so simple. If only life was.

Meanwhile, I am going to make a Green Barbie house.

Don't tell me a "green Barbie house" is an oxy moron. I will prove you wrong.

 OK that is just how we roll on the Left Coast... I'm just saying... C


  1. Ha ha! It is beautiful, do you like 3/4 scale?
    I would like to LIVE in the Bennett. C