Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miniatures and small children.

Obviously miniatures are not for small children. Obviously.
Unless they are in the environment. Like if they live in your house.
My house is infested in that way.

The above scene was done shortly after that last post. It was preceeded by a lecture in baby talk about the importance of SHARING! "Sharing is caring" as they say at preschool.

It does not matter how child perfected the toys you give them are. They are more attracted to yours. I am thinking of you LemonCadet and your quest for a dollhouse for your daughter...

Please notice 2 things. The Amazing Miniature shelf is very well made. And Cinderella (like Mrs. Santa) has great taste in furniture choosing the Eames Lounger. They both like PDR too.

I have found that Mini Bloggers are good sharers. Haven't you?

The problem arises as it did after my Christmas staff party when the cushion to my favorite Barcelona chair disappeared. I'm hoping it will show up. It is a major part of pulling off my designs.
Sharing my miniatures with this small child allows her to explore her creativity.
Her sharing with me shows me how many boundaries I have accumulated in my life and how refreshing it is to be SO outside the box. For example this doll was named "AngelinaballerinaAuroraSnowWhite". I just call mine Colette. Maybe She should be "ColetteEamesManetMichelleO."?



  1. The greatest art comes from collaboration... does it? That is too cute!

  2. Ew miss you Petite. Perhaps YOU should pick up a dollhouse of your own... Maman

  3. What a lovely post. I'm not quite ready to hand over my most fragile pieces yet but she loves making "scenes" with me so we're going to keep on doing it. This really made me smile. Thanks.

  4. I Love this Post :), thanks for shareing!

  5. Hi, Lemon Cadet. Love your pictures on Flickr.
    It only gets better and better with children. When I showed the first little girl doll to my assistant when she was two, she gasped and said, "I LOVE her!". C

  6. Hi Kikka, thanks for hopping by. :) C

  7. Very cute! I'm glad the shelf was able to withstand the kid tests. I hope you find the Barcelona cushion!

  8. Me too, I mean where could it be? I feel like I'm watching 48 hours and crucial time has passed... CM