Friday, January 21, 2011

You can tell it's a good toy when you can't stop playing with it!

I am loving this midcentury design of Amazing Miniatures' shelving unit. Go to the post below to see her blog and etsy address.
I will be playing with it and adding pictures throughout the day. C

Repurposed nail polish bottle and electricians tape
for mid century lamp.

When I was in about 6th grade my Mother's best friend was an Interior Decorator. They would redo our house once a year adding the latest style element. I think they reached their pinnicle of success with the "Hanging Lamp". My Mother had a gold one with a swag chain in the livingroom and one with a blue and green patina in her bedroom.
 I thought we were very elegant with a large blue glass bowl on our coffee table. I will admit that the furniture I inherited from that time is perfect now. It is upholstered in blue and olive green damask patterned material. But, please tell me swag lamps are NOT about to make a reappearance in fashion. Some how they make me shudder.

Credits: Amazing Miniatures' midcentury shelf, Reac Eames lounger and ottoman, (see Oese I finally got a black one) rement notebooks, Southwest Miniatures vase, vintage miniature books, sea shells, Michael's craft paper for wallpaper, electricians tape for lampshade, and it's chain, stolen from my elder daughter's costume jewelry. She will never know and she is too busy to read my blog... C


  1. Thanks for the link. Some really lovely pieces.

  2. Hi! Great Link!
    Thank you for your nice visit in my blog! :)

  3. I'm glad you're having so much fun! I really enjoy taking pictures of the bookcase in front of nice wallpaper. It lends itself so well to a scene like that. Also, love the nail polish conversion!

  4. I love it it is such a versatile piece! C