Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amazing Miniatures shelf, I LOVE it!

Go here to see more of Ann's amazing work!   It looks so good in the MH1. I saw it showcased on Modern Mini Houses blogspot.  

 Forgive my haste today, I have been staying at my older daughter's house and her computer is down, so no access. AND the plumber is here at my house today... The bright spot? This fabulous shelf was in the mail box. Yipee! I cannot wait to collect midcentury looking items for it. You know the divider in the Imagination house set? It reminds me of that. C


  1. Woohoo! Thank you for the lovely write up! Indeed, it looks fab all dolled up in the pictures... then again, most of your pictures are great!

    <3 Ann

  2. I have my eye on a lot of places to try it. C