Friday, May 27, 2011

That Mattel Spell.

I think I did start this whole I House project to showcase my vintage wooden Mattel furniture. You know how when you aquire something you suddenly notice it is all around you?
 I first noticed this vintage wooden Mattel set on ebay and then noticed others had used them on flickr. I looked up "mattel furniture" in explore and found these! They gave their permission and I want to share these with you.

photo by beastiegirls

                Look at this wallpaper! I love the stripes.

picture by beastiegirls

 The color couldn't be better. The apricot color really works.

picture by beastiegirls
                                         She titled this "Kerouac Attack"

See her photostream on flickr

Then with high polish is the work of Maryann Roy. You have read about her on Minidork's blog: http://modernminihouses.blogspohttp//

Look at how chill this is.

to see her website where you can purchase her designs.

And these colors! Maryann says these are the same style as the mattel couches in 1/12 scale. Look how good they look when they are positioned that way! I would never have thought of trying that!
Her flickr stream is:

Last, as  I found this
clever approach by Blytheowl, very pregnant! (great way to update your status!)

photo by  Blytheowl, very pregnant!

 by Blytheowl, very pregnant!

She used these vintage napkins for the upholstry Brilliant!
You can see more of her work on flickr too

So my head is swirling about how to play with this great furniture.

photo by Leftcoastmini
Fondue Anyone? My picture as soon as I unwrapped them!  It is great that these cushions come off so you can experiment with this set without ruining it.

Oh P.S. My Elder Assistant took that photo upper right for us on her first business trip to Indiana for the design firm she works for, and she and all the guests had to spend the night in the basement of the Hampton Inn she stayed at due to tornado warnings! Wow. C


  1. Love striped wallpaper in general, and here it looks really great with the Mattel furniture. Thanks for sharing all your inspirational findings!

  2. Hi Pubdoll, I think I wantt to try 1/1 carpet tiles for the floor. Then maybe cut up some old mesn's suits for flannel. But that means bright acccents. C

  3. Thanks for sharing the great photos and Flickr links. The Mattel furniture really does lend itself to wonderful room settings. The style is back in again so the rooms look ultra modern.