Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rule #1 lose the elevator.

It is my intention to not use the elevator that comes with the house and have a grand entry space instead. I am seeing minimodernistas 3 ball light fixture there.

I love the metallic plastic stairs but I think they might be best used outside.

I need to square the Norman curved windows to keep the lines clean.

I am seeding the roof. There is always Chia pet goo if nothing else works. I was inspired by this business card of Dave Anderson of Event Farm. (  He finds palces for events. Farms are popular with the wedding sets right now. 

At first I thought his card was dirty, but seeds are embedded in his business card. It says "plant it, it will grow, really".  And My Little Assistant is very involved with seeds.  Her nursery school projects don't sprout. Ever. I will keep an eye on this living roof. 

The outside is being sprayed a grey brown color.

The interior lower level is white, the second level is beige, the top level has no walls yet.  


  1. It will be fun to watch the tranformation of this house, and so nice you're getting a home for all your Barbie furniture, both the wonderful vintage Mattel and your great makeovers!

  2. Hi, Pubdoll, I never meant to go into 1/6 but I had to becaue some of the cool vintage wooden Barbie stuff needed a bigger house. What can you do? C

  3. I am fascinated by the green roof. Keep us posted on its progress.

    I am still in awe of your transformation. I can't see beyond the pink, psychedelic Barbie graphics, and then, voila, the walls look terrific and classy. It's a wonder what paint can do.

  4. Smoke and mirrors, if I dare mention mirrors. C

  5. Hmmm, I like those stairs. I'm thinking a coat of white paint and a contrasting colour on the treads, maybe one of your sample stash, would look extremely chic. No?

    Okay have it your way and keep 'em outside =0) lol

  6. oh that's really cool. I know how exciting it is to makeover a house. you did a good job so far, I'm looking forward to seeing more. I especially like the idea of a green roof, perhaps I should try this on my house too. great inspiration.

  7. Hi Pinch oh my, way too much taping! :) C

  8. Hi Oese!

    Well it is funny because it is a lot like 1/12 scale but with really high ceilings. C