Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Please help me pick contrasting colors!

The model is wobbly because the walls are not screwed together yet.

The color scheme is Brown on the outside walls with grey trim.
I moved the front door to the left and added a deck with a pool. I hope to make it an infinity pool and add a hot tub. I need to spray paint the purple arched front wall and sides of the pool brown.

The tile is colored xereoxes of the original bathroom tile in the Imaginarium Glitter Suite. You can see a sample in the background.

 Interior walls are white in the bedroom, kitchen, office and tv room. 

The owner of this house is a therapist. Here is her office. I want to paint the natural wood supports grey like the rest of the trim.

BUT it needs some contrasting color. Any suggestions?
Update: I spray painted the styrofoam and it disintegrated. Maybe it will look pebbly like  stone. Have to wait and see. Thanks C


  1. for the white desk and black furniture you can use many colors- Apple green for one wall or interesting stripes.pictures of modern prints will also dothe job!

  2. Yes Neomig! Pictures are needed. I like apple green. C

  3. I'm going with Neomi...apple green or, since we're throwing fruit into the idea pot =0), how about orange? I think it needs to be bright whatever colour you chose

  4. Hmmmm! Orange, terra cotta, how about chili red. Chili Pepper, so to speak? C

  5. Hi LP well I don't like this house against the yellow wall, so now ihave to redo my whole house. Just kidding. CM

  6. Brown goes with everything. I like apple green, but there is also a more olive green that might contrast well. Red is very dramatic. Geometric designs in a red, green, brown pattern would be great on one wall. Metallic silver or gold might be stunning. Yellow would really brighten things up. Still. apple green is so nice and cool.
    You have way better vision than I do. Whatever you choose will look great!

  7. Ha! Ok, that really narrows it down... C

  8. I have been enjoying the pictures of your project! What a fantastic way to display the Mattel Modern furniture.

    I agree with apple green/sage green group.

    I think with styrofoam you need to use an acrylic spray paint so that it doesn't melt.

    I look forward to seeing your finished house!

  9. Colours that goes well with both black and white are the "in-between colours" like limegreen (my favourite) and magenta, dark turquoise and, as pepper suggested; orange. All these colours can be combined as well, in contrast to red which is harder to combine with other colours when it's in a black and white setting.

    Can you tell colours are one of my favourite topics? :-)

  10. Sandra, I love sage green. hMMMMMMMMMMMM, C

  11. Hey Pub doll. I was thinking lime green for the furniture around the pool, or aqua... C