Monday, May 23, 2011

Front door experiments for the I house, needs Eichler style house numbers

The last 3 posts are about working on the I house.

 Because we deal in ideas I like to credit where I get them. Thanks MiniDork for telling me about artificial plastic plants when you gave us the gift from the SF mini meet up. Here's my try.

The white pot is the plastic top of my sun umbrella. Side wall by tap plastics.

The black pot is a make up bottle top. Carpet by minimodernistas.
Greenery from Michael's. Front door from Jonathan Adler box.

Here is my sun umbrella bereft of it's top piece. I hope it lasts without it!
So what I am looking for are miniature Eichler style house numbers.
And a ball light for the front... Any ideas when I can find them?

These are from a net site to help you reburbish your real Eichler.

I really want Mid Century style they show:

I may have to print them and then glue it to the house.

Just playing with my plants.

Credits: Barbie chair repainted, mighty world cup and saucer, Plants Michael's, planters are shampoo bottle tops.
Cheers! CM


  1. Ooohh! I like it. It looks great. I especially love the door.

  2. Hi Shale, Thanks! It is a plastic Barbie box from the Jonathan Adler doll. C

  3. The repurposed items are so damn good!

  4. Thanks MMC! And so damn cheap thank heavens! CM

  5. I love everything in the first photo, very nice plants and door! Genious!