Saturday, May 7, 2011

Big Mini Meet Up

Tonight a group of the Bay area mini modern enthusiasts met in San Francisco. We met in North Beach at the Cafe Greco. Yummy coffee drinks, pannini sandwiches and great people watching.

 What a good time! It is so interesting to talk to others who share your interests yet each if us has a different approach or kind of collection or project we are working on.

Mini Dork brought pieces by Paul MacAlister she has been blogging about see:  and Maryann Roy's 1/12 scale pieces. That is a Paris Renfroe bed (white right back)  for comparison of scale. It was so great to be able see them in person.

Another major topic was storage. How to, what works with what scale, etc. Below is a picture of sharing pictures and articles.
Personally I think we might be called "the Ichabod Crane group" as everyone wishes to remain headless...

We had so much fun talking. AND there were treats! Mini2be brought my all time favorite cultural icon needed in every one of my scenes. A Starbucks mug!

Modern MC brought the black plastic grid and it included a white pannel too, so useful for making walls Thank you!

Mini Dork made this planter in a plastic vase with tiny rocks! So realistic and she made the little lucite cube sculpture. I plan to use them in my I house I am starting.
 I took wood and fabric samples from my daughter's design company in D.C. that were being thrown out. When my daughter asked if she could have them her boss asked suspiciously why? He suspected industrial espionage and she said , "Well... you see my Mom and her friends like little dolls and these would make great rugs, and they like making little chairs..."
So she got to keep them.

It was so much fun and now my head is buzzing with questions I wished I'd asked!

Thank you Modern Mini for starting the ball rolling and everyone who came! Hope to see you soon. CM


  1. I'm sure it was great. Wish I could have been there too. So nice to see the tiny furniture on the table. Hope you have a nice mother's day and

  2. Happy Mothers Day too! When ever mini design is discussed your name comes up too, We wish you were there too. C

  3. Thanks so much for bringing the samples. I already started a room with them. Had so much fun! I'm watching to see what you do with the "hideous" Imaginarium Glitter Suite house. Chuckles!

  4. Sounds like such a good time, like Oese, I wish I could have been there too!
    Love the minis you got, especially MiniDorks planter!

  5. Hi Your Pubness,we all wish you and Oese were here too!
    My picture of MiniDorks planter does not do it justice, I will use it in my next scene, it is really well done with the perfect little rocks. C

  6. Well Modern MC, First i do not care for the arched windows, so I have to find the right tool to cut them into a rectangle shape. That is just one of theing that makes it twee. :)C

  7. Oh why can't I be in two places at once? What a fun get together. I love the furniture. I just want to live on that cafe table with all the gorgeous pieces of modern furniture. Lucky Mini Dork to get some Paul MacAlister pieces.

  8. I am so glad you enjoy the samples! Design away!