Friday, September 10, 2010

Speaking of Design

This is the best example of "twee" I've seen in a LONG time. My assistant from my other blog got it at a Disney Production of "Princesses on Ice"...(Strawberry Shortcake dollhouse)
Go to http://myrealitty/
(Playsam by Eva Schildt)
 for a brief discussion of "twee".  This curdles my senses. What can I say, it's like fingernails on a chalk board to my design sensabilities. No wonder parents buy Playsam toys. Guess which dollhouse my assistant wants? C


  1. It's a secret why little girls like stuff like this. my daughter had this pink phase too. When she was little, there was little ponys and pollypockets in. It's good to know they change their taste after a few years. Sometimes I feel this pink phase is shorter and shorter for the little girls.
    We played with dolls untill 12 or 13, now they often stop this before going to school.
    I guess she wants the strawberry, right?

  2. Me hace gracia que te horrorice lo cursi, pero hay gustos para todos, sino Disney no hubiera llegado tan lejos :)
    Besos Clara

  3. Yes...As Oese said this Pink time goes by so fast...and even faster and faster nowadays. Maybe we girls just need that stuff to be able to become "cool" grownups? My granddoughter is now in that pink age, she wanted to have pink Hello Kitty House!

  4. Oese, You got it!
    We know about "neonety", where humans respond favorably to anything round, small. etc. with
    a rush of feeling. It is said to be the basis of parental love.
    Perhaps this "pink" phase is part of the normal mothering development. Some process between a genetic urge and an enculturated response.
    It always amazes me when the doll house emphasis was seen as "learning to clean". C

  5. Clara, Disney is sell, sell, sell. C

  6. Kikka, yes and thanks to mMadonna and britney Spears clothing styles for tots are ever more harlot like. We know children are sexualized younger and younger. Toys, clothing and dolls becoming less and less childlike. I once had the childrens' dress market expained to me as the 14 year old end of the market determines the 3 year old style. Everyone want to dress up the scale not down to younger. C

  7. There is something to be said for "twee".

  8. Your assistant has good taste - I prefer the strawberry (which is a lovely deep red colour in the photo, and just a bit of pink), to the pink and purple flower and simpering fairy above it.
    Oh, now I see your assistant DID get that -ahem - very sweet fairy - as well as wanting the strawberry. Well, if it's a choice between a house with no front, no doors and no proper windows, let alone any decoration, and a strawberry with a door and window, of course any sensible child will want the strawberry! Apart from the colours, I think half the fun is opening and closing the doors, and having the dolls go in and out, and peeping inside to see what they're doing. The polly pockets were very clever that way, I think, as they opened and closed so satisfyingly. What about pink dolls houses that are open all round? I don't know!