Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brinca dada

The Emerson house is a triumph in design and form, it is beautiful. It is solar powered! AND it condenses to a reasonable size for storage.
My first thought upon seeing it with my own eyes was would it work with my 1:12 scale people? You might not have to limit yourself to a smaller scale.
 I wish I'd played with it more. The DWR event was kind of formal for me to start pulling things out of my purse and start PLAYING with, but now I wish I'd stayed after to do just that. I REALLY would have liked to snatch one of Doris's tootsie roll couches, oh ,say in camel, one of Paris's beds, oh say in brown tones, some plants and tables from Mini Modern and art from Mink Dork's works and started arranging. That would be a mini freaks DREAM! But the signs said DO NOT TOUCH, and I could just see security being called and my first foray into the glamorous word of Modern Mini exhibits ending with me being dumped on the sidewalk outside, plus, it would have embarrassed my friend,
again, I'm just saying.
 If you have one will you put a 1:12 figure in it to show us? Like this Caco.

(HA! me cropped)
My buddy (who came with me) realized her brother lives in Connecticut down the way from the house the Emmerson design was copied from. Tim was the architect and his wife was a charming hostess (read manager?) Loved her.
He is developing 2 more designs after the Bennet. Hmmmm. 4 total.
The Bennet will be more pricey.
 I would like to know what is in the pipeline before I invest.
Don't they realize I have 18 mini houses now and have to be choosy about space in my collection. I am well...discerning. Especially when it is a larger one like the Bennet. Do they think this is just a situation of lust?  Well..
 Do they speak Gottschalk as well as Mies van der Rhoe?
This Emerson is too prairie style for me but I still want it....
Well, I simply have to find out when the Bennet House will be on view and where. C


  1. Hi Carol,
    The issues you raise interest me as well, including - how much is the Emrson on the market, will they ship overseas and how much will it be. The 1:12 question is very important for me as well.
    Thanks for your report- you definitely are a pioneer!
    Best Regards from afar

  2. It 's still pretty hard to find modern dollhouses, these are beautiful!
    Lia and Alma

  3. Hi!
    That is sure to be a VERY COOL and ADMIRABLE HOUSE!

    I think all those chairs are in size 1/12 aren`t they? Does it help anything? (..the zigzag chair..and others )

  4. Hi Neomig, It is around $300.00 here and is very heavy. Check the dimensions and weight on their web site. Know anyone travelling to the states who owes you a favor??? C

  5. Lia and Alma, OH! How right you are. It is incredible and how spoiled of me to start whining already! It's design is exquisite. It actually glows. C

  6. Hi Kikka, I think Reac is slightly under 1:12
    scale but unlike architects we don't care about correct ceiling heighth, so I think it might work. C

  7. Wonderful post. I am glad to hear the Emerson glows. I will have mine in about three weeks. Then I will find all my Reac (which the kids out in the Garage) and I will do nothing but play and blog for days on end.

    Thanks for all the information and the introductions.


  8. Susan! Lucky you. Show us the set up steps too and any hints you have for others for set up. C

  9. The pop up version is fab! Will he sell them? Much cheaper and lighter than the real thing ;-)