Sunday, September 19, 2010

Party Favors! from the DWR event

Paris gave us PDR carpet tiles. They are beautifully boxed with his Logo and I can't wait to play with them! Cool, no?
Look at the Brinca Dada business card then Minimodernista's next to it. It is tiny and has pictures of her work on the front, and the writing on the back! So clever.
We also received a cd sized cardboard packet from Brinca Dada that opened and when you folded it as instructed made a 3D Emerson House. It even included punch out wire chairs and a table Too cool! I don't have mine here, MiniDork or MiniModern do you have your's available to show a photograph of, Or Lorna?  Pretty ritzy advertizing. Obviously done by an architect .
And our hostess, Yuki, served us yummy wine.

Found it! I thought I brought it to my daughter's!
Ruh Roh! The Assistant found it. How cool is it? Look at the wire chairs!!!! C

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