Saturday, September 25, 2010

How minitiatures reflect real life

I was fooling around while having my morning coffee taking pictures of the MH1 bathroom. I looked down and noticed coffee stains on the sleeve of my bathrobe.
When I looked more carefully I noticed that some coffee had splashed on the sleeve of this bathrobe hanging in the MH1. First I thought, "I had better wash that right away".
But then I realized it is actually a miniature version of me so I might as well leave it. You can see it better in the second picture!!! C

Credits: Elf sink, rement lotion bottle and nail polish from "Girls in the City", room from the MH1, shower door a plastic box lid with a towel rod for handle from Elf. Robe and shoes from Mannor House.


  1. A great touch! I am usually covered in paint!

  2. Janice, Ha ha! That is better than coffee!!!!
    Wish I had done it on purpose as an affect... C

  3. Real como la vida misma, jeje.
    Besitos, May

  4. Nice touch!
    That pink is so refreshing...

  5. Hi! Kikka thanks. Got a picture you'd like to put in the virtual gallery? C