Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mini dork is a misnomer

If I had to elect someone President of the Bay Area Mini Modern Association, it would be Megan. She is intelligent, diplomatic, and helpful. (I've already cannonized Mini Modern). Ok beautiful, charming and serene too. This is high praise for someone who has a 1 year old and a 5 year old.
She noticed the Antrim House and man did she take it to the finish line. Remember she bought it on SALE.
It is sort of the hot property right now because Paris Renfroe is her contractor. AND decorator. I mean everything about it is top notch. Even the back has special treatment with a suede like paint, Notice the wood siding. Gorgeous.

She has always been so welcoming to all us Bay Area mini peeps and created the SF Moma event when our friend Susan Hale visited from Toronto. Obviously we mini sorts are not the kind to organize but I just want to recognize her leadership in making us all feel welcome to the clique. She EVEN let me put Colette in her masterpiece and took pictures! She truly understands the obsession.
You know some times things just happen for the right reasons! C


  1. OMG Carol you are too funny. I'm just dying to meet other modern enthusiasts to geek out with over our hobby. Mini Dork is no misnomer, in my previous cult obsession (swing dancing) my nick name was uber dork for very good reason. The little guy will be 4 in January but acts like he's 5.
    Mini Smiles,

  2. Having spent an afternoon with MiniDork I agree wholeheartedly with Carol's description. Megan is delightful and so much fun, not only because she loves to speak my favourite language - dollhouse - but also because she is such a nice person.

    And, how often does somebody arrange a gathering when a person visits their city? I felt like a rock star!!

    And just so Mini2Be doesn't feel left out. I loved meeting and sharing the afternoon with you too.



    P.S I used to go swing dancing too and loved it!