Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BWR: books within reach...

News Update! My assistant drew the name for the Mighty World Umbrella: The winner is Barb! See pictures of the drawing on http://Myrealitty.blogspot.com/   and I mean that literally.

I love the Sapien bookshelf designed by Bruno Rainaldi at Design within Reach. http://www.dwr.com/p2p/endecaSearch.do?keyword=sapien+bookcase&Search.x=20&Search.y=7 see it here.
 Looking forward to  the Design Within Reach event Thursday!
Want to see Mini2B and Minidork again, want to meet Minipig, and Mini Modern and  I bet Paris Renfroe and Doris Nathanson are as nice as they are through email. Would love it if Wes Christensen showed up!

Credits: MH1, by Wes,  PRD kitchen, Minimodernistas table and chairs, Peter Tucker plywood chair, Silpat rug, vintage DDR German lino, Delph miniatures tv,Book shelf and books... made by me. Did it myself! Except 2 by Amatheria and a couple old ones I've always had kickin around.

Oooh la la, check out the Clift hotel   http://www.clifthotel.com/#/home/   where the after party is. Of course I haunt cool places like this all the time.
Cheers! C


  1. Es perfecta para cualquier rincón de la casa.
    Pocos somos los que no hemos apilado los libros y es una muy buena solución y fácil de llevar a 1/12.
    Gracias por compartir tus gustos,.
    Besitos, May

  2. It looks like the top of some of my bookcases! Are there any shelves in there? I'd love to get some books out and look through them - hope it wouldn't bring it all toppling down! ;-)

  3. Cool book shelf! Are you taking your camera tomorrow night? PLEASE take some snaps and share them.

  4. Love the bookshelf!!

    I wish I could just jet down there for tomorrow night's event, but alas I am just a poor working girl living from paycheck to paycheck.

    Although if I would stop buying miniatures I'd probably be able to jet down there. LOL

    I can't wait to see the pictures!


  5. Rebecca, I'll add the picture of the real one, it has shelves. Mine is just an illustion, sigh. Some of the books are made with shingles...C

  6. Call Small, definately taking a camera. Will take lots of shopts. When they get posted depends on how good the after party is... C

  7. Shale Ha! the conundrum we all face. At least those of us who buy "antiques" can't be called junkies... C

  8. CallSmall thats "shots"! Lots of shots in the DWR store and the bar afterward... lots of shots... C