Monday, September 20, 2010

and Doris!

My real modern design needs were met when I googled "modern miniature furniture" one day and Mini Modern's blogspot came up showing Doris Nathanson's work under the name Minimodernista. She was also on Flickr. I had to have her works. My first purchase was the long red couch. If you look back at my flickr pictures of that time her white ceiling light is in almost every one. Instant mod design. The forms are so pure and the execution so well done they take over the spotlight.
We had emailed many times so meeting her in person was like meeting an old friend.
Her displays were dazzeling!
 Now that I look at the pictures I wonder if the white "fish tank" display is hers or Mini Modern's? I assumed it was used by Doris but now I think I missed it if it wasn't. I have always wanted to see that up close. Gee, when can we do this again...

It was great to hear in her own words her experience becoming a modern miniature designer.
She also told us she will be featured in the December issue of Marths Stewart's Home magazine, so keep an eye out. Do I have the right name of the publication? Can't wait. C

Doris's daughter and son in law were there. We asked  her daughter about her mother's style and she said the patterns were always a part of their decor growing up.
We asked if Doris's grandkids had a dollhouse.She told us her mother made a "Batman" doll house for her two boys which they love. It had a "Batroom", with toilet and sink and the little boys really used it.

 Oh Boys! Lucky guys to have Doris as a Grandmother. I can tell people this because you are SO chic! C


  1. I love the modern style, and you're talented

  2. I had heard so much about Doris! She was so nice. The story about the "batroom" is a riot. I hope someday I have 3 boys! L

  3. Hi Alma e Lia, the credit goes to Doris. I just got a picture from
    inipig of a beautiful room modern room she created. Do you have one to share? C

  4. Wow! the dolls house displays are great!