Friday, August 13, 2010

What is that poster on the frige? Kitchen update

Wish I could go to "Minitura, Where the miniature world meets" I received this notice of the event held Sat. Oct 2nd and Sunday the 3rd. in Birmingham, England.
from Elf miniatures or Delph miniatures. If you are already planning your October, (I am, I think my halloween costume this year will be being a Brinca Dada doll woman, except Nobody I see would get it...)
Please take photos for us. Or Chicago for that matter. Any one going to the Chicago show? Thanks CM

Credits: floor vintage DDR, Kitchen PRD, espresso machine Delf miniatures, contemporary French door refrigerator,Rement starbucks cofeecup, Minimodernistas hanging lamps, artwork My Assistant who isn't very clear that "sharing is caring" as they say in her preschool and will probably say "HEY! That is MINE!".


  1. ¡Je, je! Perfecto poster y perfecto toda la decoracion de la cocina. Besos Clara

  2. I love your assistant's art and I love the first foto, it looks so lifelike. You've got a lot of modern stuff meanwhile, mmh?
    So nice to see you obviously having fun.

  3. Thanks buddy! Just the kitchen set by Renfroe, I think. F

  4. I want to go to these mini events but I have spent all my money and used all my vacation time. Doesn't everyone feel sorry for me. ; )


    PS: I had a lot of fun doing it!!!!

  5. You have a really talented assistant, her artwork is great and I love the spoon and fork wall art too!