Thursday, August 19, 2010

Acrylic table

When Shale and I went to TAP Plastics in San Francisco we found many inexpensive little items, like 35 cents!
Shale though this would make a great "floating shelf". I made it a little console behind the couch in the family room . Notice the art books by Amatheria.Perfect for a glass of wine, a little "Mad Men".But what is this?
A blank wall??? I see the light switch on the wall (Delph miniatures) Red couch and chair with ottoman ( minimodernistas) Buddah (Texas tiny) Navajo rug (ebay). elegant fireplace (Wes Christensen)
but something is needed.
Where would be a good little art gallery to go shopping for one of a kind  ( even 19 of a kind)  exquiste art??? Hmmmmmm....perhaps you would like to join me?  CM


  1. Ha...You have been reading my mind?
    You didn`t perhaps know, but,
    Into my Old Waterhouse (Let`s see when?) there is going to be an Artshop/"gallery" and also the room for the artist (the lady of the house) to work, to make the art!
    That idea is situated on the area downstairs. How about that?

  2. Fabulous idea. I want to show you a pic I did of making an art gallery from the Imagination House. I'll see if I can find it. C

  3. ¡Que gan idea! Le has dado un uso estupendo. El detalle del interruptor es increible. Estoy deseando ver el cuadro que pones en esa pared.
    Besos Clara

  4. Always Love the look of the Imagination house, so retro! JJ

  5. Gracias Clara, que tal? Carolena

  6. Thanks La Petite. It really fits in with a plastic post doesn't it. :) CM

  7. Acrylic and lucid objects are one of my favorites- this shelve is perfect for the decor!